Fabian Pok

Petroleum bill, gas act to complement each other

Minster Pok said the Bill and the Act review will soon be brought to the National Executive Council for endorsement.

The Petroleum Authority Bill and Oil & Gas Act Review aim to improve business around future oil and gas development projects so PNG can receive the maximum benefit.

One such area the Bill and Act review aims to improve is to ensure social mapping and landowner identification is done.

Ministerial determination for pipeline signed

This follows the completion of social mapping and landowner beneficiary identification (LOBID) recently.

The social mapping and LOBID was done through a combined team involving the Department of Petroleum & Energy, Mineral Resources Development Company (MRDC), Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited (KPHL) and the gas coordinating office.

Minister Pok signed the instruments yesterday with Acting Secretary for the DPE, Kepsie Puiye, and Treasurer Dairi Vele.

P’nyang to be standalone project: Pok

He said that is the understanding of the Government.

Minister Pok said this in Parliament in response to the announcement by ExxonMobil of the increased gas resource at the P’nyang gas reserve.

The Minister was questioned by North Fly MP, James Donald, over a contradiction to a statement last year.

North-Waghi petition incompetent

Petitioner Mond Palme failed to meet mandatory requirements of the Organic Law when it was filed.

Speaking to the media, MP Fabian Pok said he believed from the start that the petition was malice by disgruntled candidates and thanked the courts.

“Today is a win for the people of North-Waghi. In my last term I provided a lot of service and I intend to do that. My door is open for the candidates to come forward and we discuss the way forward,” Pok said.

The petition was filed on September 1 after Pok’s declaration on 25 July.

Oil, gas act sufficient: Pok

He said this following the successful drilling and flaring of the Pasca A4 gas condensate offshore well.

Speaking to media after the milestone, Minister Pok said the Government will work within the confines of the current Act to underscore what is likely to be the country’s  first offshore gas project.

“If there is a need to cater for the offshore then we will. But at the moment, I think the oil and gas act is sufficient for onshore and offshore developments,” he said.

No clause for LNG domestic market obligation: Pok

Minister for Petroleum and Energy Fabian Pok revealed this on the floor of parliament recently after being questioned by Finschhafen MP Reinbo Paita.

“Do we have a clear market domestic market obligation as a government?

“Do we have a clear energy policy to help reduce the price and cost of energy in the country?” said Paita.

Pok said the government, during the drawing up of the LNG agreement back in 2008 and 2009, had failed to include a clause which allowed for the LNG to be made available for the domestic market.

Landowners demand COI to investigate Manumanu land deal


This follows a recent announcement by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to down grade what he promised to be a COI to an Administrative Inquiry.

Gabadi leader Rev. John Ovia said the Prime Minister has promised the people of Manumanu and Gabadi a COI and that the report was expected to be tabled in Parliament on March 28.

Rev. Ovia called on the Prime Minister to act on his words for a COI to be set up to investigate the allegations surrounding the compulsory land acquisition process.

Duma, Pok step down over allegations

This was announced today by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill in a media conference.

The COI will be set up to investigate allegations that have been leveled against some senior Ministers of the Government and senior members of government departments.

This follows a full examination of the breach that was provided to the Prime Minister by government agencies that were involved in the Manumanu land deal in the Central Province.

PNGDF recruitment process questioned

Member for South Fly and Deputy Speaker, Aide Ganasi today queried why the recruitment of PNGDF cadets was based in major urban centres and not rolled out to districts and towns across the country.

He likened the process used by the Australians in the colonial and post-colonial days when teams visited districts to conduct recruitment compared to today where recruitment takes place in major centres only.

North Wahgi People to benefit under Housing Scheme

The housing scheme included purchase of 45 chainsaws and 45 Lucas Mills Council Wards in 2013. With the aim of one home for each family, this project is being hailed as one of the first for this Province and also the country too.

The District Administrator North Wahgi Nalan Kawa, stated that 120 containers of roofing iron will be shipped from China of which  40 containers have been received already, with 20 in Lae. The remaining 60 containers will be shipped in this year. 

Each 20ft containers hold up to 3000 sheets of roofing iron.