Police Commissioner Gari Baki

Baki commends Wagambie Jnr’s efforts in Lae

Baki has commended Wagambie Jnr for an excellent job in maintaining peace, law and order and security in Lae, especially at the University of Technology campus.

Commissioner Baki said the call by Works and Implementation Minister Francis Awesa to have Chief Superintendent Wagambie Junior removed is insensitive, irresponsible and uncalled for. 

He said Wagambie acted very responsibly and professionally throughout the student unrest and should in fact be commended and not ridiculed.

​Police commissioner defends Wagambie Jnr

Commissioner Gari Baki said Anthony Wagambie Junior acted very responsibly and professionally throughout the student unrest and should in fact, be commended and not ridiculed.

The Commissioner said the removal of Chief Superintendent Wagambie Junior is insensitive, irresponsible and uncalled for. 

Commissioner Baki said this in response to a call by Works and Implementation Minister Francis Awesa, who said police hierarchy failed to address the issue at the University of Technology (Unitech) campus.

Baki seeks restraint of Damaru’s legal representation

A number of motions and applications filed by parties since April 18 returned today however the court proceeded to hear the application filed by the second respondent, Police Commissioner Gari Baki.

His lawyer Ronald John Webb preceded with the applications filed early this month seeking two orders of the court.

The application was filed around the circumstances of the legal representation of Damaru and his engagement of private lawfirm, Jema lawyers, McRonald Nale and Greg Egan.

Namah calls for Baki to resign

Namah said Commissioner Baki must resign and save the police force from further harm and disgrace and save himself and his personal integrity.

Namah stated that he did not expect to hear about what the Commissioner is doing and not doing as the holder of a very important and significant constitutional office.

Baki has signed affidavits against his own policemen from the fraud office in certain pending cases, which is very unusual.

Largest batch of intakes passed out

This program started in 2013 as part of the police modernisation plan.

Initially, the batch had 308 intakes at the end of December last year but due to the vigorous training processes, the graduating class was downsized to 12 squads consisting of 272 police recruits.

Of the 272 police recruits who are graduating, 37 are female.

Police Commissioner Gari Baki mentioned that for the first time, the Bomana Police College will also be graduating 23 students from the Pre-Recruitment Education Program (PREP) run in Bougainville last year.

Damaru suspended because Baki wants to assume control

Baki today held a press conference to confirm the suspension of the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate (NFACD) director Damaru and his deputy Chief Inspector Timothy Gitua.

Baki said the directorate was out of control.

He also suspended the immediate staff for their continuous defiance of administrative direction, which amounts to insubordination.

He also suspended the officer-in-charge of fraud, Inspector Joel Simatab, who will be charged and arrested for bribery and official corruption allegations.

Supreme Court refuses Baki’s appeal

Sitting as a single Supreme Court Judge in the matter today, Justice Collin Makail refused an application filed by the State and Commissioner Baki.

The application seeks leave to appeal the decisions of the National Court handed down on Oct 30, 2015 by acting Judge Leka Nablu (then) in two proceedings when she allowed leave for a judicial review to be conducted into the manner in which senior cops Thomas Eluh and Timothy Gitua were terminated.

Reporting system being mooted

Baki informed PNG Loop that one major issue faced by police was that many victims were afraid or intimidated to come forward to report bad police behaviour.

He highlights the recent “Condom Saga” as an example of a case that is on hold as the victim is afraid or hesitant to come out and talk to police.

He says he will be meeting with a select team to go over how the RPNGC can utilise available avenues weather online or through the setup of a toll -free number to create a system for the public to report to.

Maintain peace during New Year period: Baki

He called on all Papua New Guineans to embrace change this festive period and make a difference for the country.

“Let us unite in the true spirit and set a new benchmark for our children’s future and the destiny of this great nation.”

He said in a statement that this festive period is a time of celebration, but it is also a time of reflection, a time to forgive and reconcile and a time to make peace.

Baki also thanked every policeman and policewoman across the nation for their continued loyalty, dedication and commitment to the Constabulary and the nation.

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