Police Commissioner Gari Baki

Accused gives evidence in Baki death threat case

Moses Maina of Western Highlands Province was arrested on 9 November 2016 on allegations he sent threats to Commissioner Baki between August and November that year using four different SIM cards.

He is not a police officer but was a close informant of the Commissioner and goes by the names of Isis, Jay Kange and Kande, apart from Moses Maina.

The state alleged he sent text messages to the Commissioner on 29 August, 4 September, 2 November and 8 November in 2016, signing off as ‘Snakehead’ and ‘Hunter’ from those four SIM cards.

APEC security preparations going well

While more training is planned for this year before the month of November, Police Commissioner Gari Baki and the Commanding Officer of the 1st Royal Pacific Islands Regiment say they will be ready.

1RPIR Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Boniface Aruma, says: “We started training for APEC preparations last year. Towards the end of last year we culminated with a conventional exercise.

Senior Govt officers sign contracts

The Government House yesterday morning hosted the signing ceremony for Police Commissioner Gari Baki, Deputy Chief Censor Jim Abani and Second Legislative Council Marleen Toliman Akop.

Despite not signing their contracts when they took up the jobs two to three years ago, they have been proudly serving the country in their respective capacities. 

For Police Commissioner Gari Baki, he was called back to the office by the National Executive Council in 2015 for a term of 4 years.

“We’ve come out with so many challenges,” said Baki.

4 RPNGC members killed this year: Baki

“Besides the Bougainville Crisis, this is perhaps the largest number killed in any one year,” says Police Commissioner Gari Baki.

“The first two killings occurred in July this year whilst the third and fourth killings occurred on 30 September, a day after the National Police Remembrance Day.

“These killings demonstrate yet again the very real danger facing my men and women around the country. Nevertheless, we are committed to protecting and serving the 8 million people of PNG regardless of the risks to our personal safety.”

Massive police awareness campaign for 2018

Commissioner Gari Baki says the initiative will start in the New Year.

“This awareness campaign is aimed at promoting transparency and accountability in all facets of police administration and operations whilst at the same time, inform and educate members of the public on law and order issues and their rights and responsibilities.

Opposition calls on Baki to resign

Opposition leader, Patrick Pruaitch expressed his outmost disgust in a media conference at the lack of immediate action by the Commissioner for Police in regards to the warrant of arrest issued for the Prime Minister.

“We have seen a deliberate delay tactic by the Commissioner for Police and clearly a conflict of interest demonstrated.”

Pruaitch said himself including the members of the opposition have demanded that the Police Commissioner either steps aside or delegate the role of inviting the Prime Minister to have a conversation regarding the matter at hand.

​Baki’s lawyer asks court to review ITFS’ establishment

Royal PNG Constabulary in-house lawyer, Stanley Poga, on instructions from Baki, today moved a motion seeking leave before the Waigani National Court, to judicially review the NEC decision, dated August 11, 2011.

This NEC decision led to the establishment and appointment of the Task Force Sweep team to carry out criminal investigations, lay charges and prosecute offences independently without being accountable to the office of the Police Commissioner.

NCD Candidates still adamant on usage of CCTV

This afternoon they opted to purchase the CCTV for counting in NCD after Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato told them that the use of CCTV was not budgeted for, when responding to their petition.

He also told them that by law, scrutineers were allowed to scrutinize polling and counting.

New police station for Wapenamanda

The police station and vehicle were from the District Services Improvement Program (DSIP) funds.

Commissioner Baki, Foreign Affairs Minister and local MP, Rimbink Pato, Assistant Commissioner of Police for logistic Tony Duwang and the Provincial Police Commander George Kakas, were in Wapenamanda to officially receive the new infrastructure and vehicle.

Two new police stations are still under construction in the Lower Lai and Tsak valley. Both buildings are expected to be completed before the end of June.

Law and order is everyone’s responsibility: Baki

“Law and order is not just the police responsibility.”

This was said by the Commissioner for Police, Gari Baki, during a launch.

Baki told the media that the public assaults, particularly on women and girls, is not just the responsibility of police but every Papua New Guinean.

“We expect every Papua New Guinean to treat their own countrymen properly and if you’re going for a concert that is out for everybody to watch, you go there as a true Papua New Guinean and celebrate in the spirit of Christmas.”