Police Commissioner Gari Baki

Ambane promoted to Assistant Police Commissioner

During the Divisional Parade in Kimbe, West New Britain Province, last week, Commissioner Baki promoted Chief Superintendent Kaiglo Ambane to the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police.

It was a surprise package for Ambane, who was the acting Assistant Commissioner of Police and Divisional Commander of Highlands Western End.

PNG needs intelligent police officers, says Muthuvel

The Governor said PNG needs officers who are intelligent and have some understanding of the justice system. Governor Muthuvel made this remark when officially opening the Police Commissioner’s Conference in Kimbe, WNBP, last Monday.

“To become a police officer, you need to be properly educated and trained. They must be of sound mind, intelligent, mental alertness, having the physical strength and able to make split-second decisions,” Governor Muthuvel said.

RPNGC riddled with allegations, reveals Baki

This was what Police Commissioner Gari Baki said during the closing of the week-long Police Commissioner’s conference last Friday in Kimbe, West New Britain Province.

He stated that the two days of discipline symposium were timely.

As he had mentioned earlier during the week, this year’s conference should be the last time they address disciplinary issues.

"I expect you to revisit the Constabulary Standing Orders and practically apply the values of ethics and discipline within your respective area of command,” he told the senior officers present there.

Senior police officers urged to work together

He made the call during the closing of the week-long Police Commissioner’s conference last Friday in Kimbe, West New Britain Province.

The annual conference, under the theme: "Addressing Institutional Impediments to Effective Command", is to address issues which affect effective policing.

"Many of these issues exist simply because of our ignorance and inability to act or perform,” said Baki.

Gordon Police Barracks to be relocated

This will mean finding land, rebuilding and relocating those currently living at the single and married quarters of the barracks.

“I am not looking at refurbishing Gordon’s anymore. I’m seriously contemplating the idea of relocating Gordon’s,” he told reporters in Port Moresby this week.

He has proposed moving officers to the Bomana Police Barracks but only officers with proper records and those legally married will be allocated houses at Bomana.

 “I want the policemen to move out of Gordon’s by January,” he added, when asked how soon they will be moved.

Police conduct to be discussed in Symposium

Police Commissioner Gari Baki said the conduct of officers; brutality and discipline are challenges facing the constabulary.

“We will also be discussing lethal weapons, and ammunitions that are used in the constabulary.

“Our experience and what we had with the university students goes to show that we have a lot to deal with in terms of weapons,” Commissioner Baki said.

In terms of internal discipline matters, he said the cycle of discipline should take place within 21 days; that’s from the time of suspension, to investigation and charges laid after.

APEC taskforce focuses on framework

The emphasis last week during its workshop was on building the JSTF headquarters structure, the control, command, coordination and the communication requirements.

A panel discussion was also held to gather and establish the outcomes of ‘exercise long reach’. This was to discuss a way forward on which security aspect each agency will be responsible for during the APEC meet.

Security preparations begin for APEC 2018

The Joint Services Task Force designated to coordinate security operations for APEC 2018, has been in workshop at the "Exercise Long Reach 2016" since Monday with the focus of building the JTF Headquarters structure, the control, command, coordination and the communication requirements for the execution of security operations during APEC 2018.

This saw representatives of Joint Disciplinary Forces from both Australia and Papua New Guinea go into long and deep discussions about the security preparations for 2018.

Baki: Security is everyone’s responsibility

He said it is the first time that Papua New Guinea is hosting such an international sporting event and the country’s image lies on how the people support the tournament. 

“Like the Pacific Games, security belongs to everybody and it’s everyone’s responsibility. 

“We are the only people that can stand up to the world and tell them that PNG is a united independent country and that our image rests on how we support the FIFA tournament. 
“But we must ensure that every one of us take ownership of security and make it our business during the tournament,” said Baki. 

Police officers arrested for ignoring Baki’s warnings

Early this year, Baki had advised officers to ensure that order and justice prevails in the force. However, some officers chose to overlook his words.

NCDC Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi said: “Recently, another two officers were arrested and charged by the Criminal Investigative Division (CID)”.

One was arrested for being drunk and being disorderly in public, says Turi.

 He adds that getting bribes for the release of suspects will not be tolerated as well as this will call for termination and dismissal from the constabulary.