Police Commissioner Gari Baki

Security reasons behind police stopping Opposition protests

Baki said due to tensions from last week Monday’s (26th October) chaotic public protests he did not allow for today’s gathering.

He says the safety of the public was not guaranteed adding, calls by the public to allow them to gather was unrealistic and unsafe.

Baki met with Opposition leader Don Polye and appealed to them to consider a closed venue where crowd behavior can be easily controlled.

Police boss against public forum by Opposition

The forum relates to the launching of an Alternate Government Policy by the Opposition.

Commissioner Baki addressed the media this afternoon based on a letter he received from Opposition leader Don Polye dated October 30 seeking permission to stage this event.

Baki said it’s important to note that the best avenue to discuss such matters is on the floor of parliament.

“It is not an issue that you take out to the general public for them to consume.

Police chief stands by his NCD commanders

Baki told PNG Loop that the stance taken by NCD Commander Sylvester Kalaut and his Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi was appropriate given the tensions on the ground.

Public safety and decorum could not be guaranteed while opportunists were among genuine protestors looking to stir up  tensions.

Meantime, he welcomed the alleged victims filing their complaints, saying  that investigations will be held into the conduct of the police who are referred.

Public warned not to test patience

Baki says that police are not machines and have emotions as well as breaking points in their patience.

While he condemned the alleged assault that took place during this week's public protest, he says that from experience police are always on the receiving end of public scrutiny from various alleged assault cases.

Bake says that while police must act accordingly, the public must also not agitate the situation by bad mouthing the duties that are carried out by police who ensure the public's safety.