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Mangos allowed by Court to travel

Justice Panuel Mogish heard the application and granted leave for Mangos to travel to Australia to visit his family.

Mangos is on a K1, 500 District Court bail and one of the conditions is to not leave the country without national court approval.

He will be travelling out of Port Moresby on November 26 and is expected to return on December 6.

He will also be allowed to travel to Australia on December 18 and return on January 10, 2016.

He has named two guarantors; Paul Caiter and Andrew Kidu.

Court refuses media ban on Mangos case

Mangos appeared in person with his lawyer before Magistrate, Cosmas Bidar.

Police prosecutors objected to the application, saying the media had a right to publish any matter before the court and it be allowed to do its job.

Magistrate Bidar refused the application saying the allegations against Mangos are just that until investigations are completed.

Mangos appeared on charges of misapropriation and false pretense.

K1.6m to power up Buka villages soon

Member for Hagogohe Constituency, Robert Sawa presented a cheque valued at K1.6 million today to the state owned power supplier to light up his electorate on Buka Island.

“I am handing over the cheque to implement the Hagogohe rural electrification project based on a contract awarded to PNG Power by the Bougainville Supply and Tender Board early this year,” Sawa said.

The project will cover 12km and will start in December and will be completed within six months.

The local member reassured PNG Power employees that their safety is guaranteed.

Power unions not happy with executive proposal

In a letter shown to Loop PNG by union general secretary Santee Margies it shows that the executive states that the 17.7%  offer was not approved by the board.

However they are pushing for a counter offer that will see the lower pay grades get a 20% pay rise.

Margies says that in a separate document outlining the pay structure under the 17.7% increment as stipulated under their enterprise bargaining agreement, the workers stand to get a bigger cut.

PNG Power union unhappy with new chairman

Margies told Loop PNG that this was the main issue raised by disgruntled workers in the meeting they held yesterday calling on management to meet with them on Monday and address issues of positions and housing removals in the past few months.

He says that under the new board chairman John Mangos “tyrannical style of management”, workers are uncomfortable as they are being taken out of their homes and moved around on their jobs with no prior notice.