PNG Electrification GIS platform launched

The U.S. government launched the PNG Electrification GIS platform to assist off-grid energy companies in identifying potential mini-grid sites and areas for distributing stand-alone solar products. 

The platform is an interactive mapping platform used to access hundreds of indicators relating to local populations and communities to support stakeholders working on electrification in PNG, and was developed by the PNG Electrification Partnership (USAID-PEP).

Niupower concerned over bills owed

As PPL’s only customer on the Port Moresby Grid, Niupower has been able to support PPL with 54 to 57 megawatts of electricity.

However, according to Niupower CEO Michael Uiare, PPL has debts to settle. Uiare expressed that if the bills are not paid by September this year, Niupower is likely to face issues with paying their fuel supplier for the gas that is supplied to the power station.

Proactive Leadership To Address Power Issues

ICCC Commissioner and CEO, Paulus Ain said the impact of continuous power outages has affected electricity paying customers and businesses alike.

He said: “The various articles published on 16th November, 2021 in both dailies paints the unfortunate reality of PNG’s power sector, but the problems affecting PPL’s reliable power services cannot be rectified by PPL alone.”

Mr Ain said the problems affecting PPL need collaborative and coordinated effort from all key stakeholders and those continuous power problems are amplified by:


Bekker Resigns

A statement, signed by PPL Board Chairman Moses Maladina, was issued this afternoon announcing Bekker’s decision to leave the organisation, after nine months in office.

Maladina stated Bekker’s reason for resigning was personal.

Obed Batia, who has served PPL for over 30 years, is now the Officer in Charge of PPL, until a formal engagement is finalised.

The Chairman and Board of PNG Power will provide the new Officer in Charge and the leadership team with its full support, during the interim.

PNG Power Incompetent

He was responding to questions raised by the Member for Yangoru Saussia, Richard Maru on PNG Power Limited’s lack of customer service following three months of power outage in his district, affecting schools, businesses and health centers.

“Is it the PNG Power culture to not worry about customer service because it seems quiet entranced, no one cares.”

World Bank assists PNG Power

The PNG Energy Utility Performance and Reliability Improvement Project (EUPRIP) comes at a crucial time for PNG, with people across the country facing major challenges with poor access to electricity, and even for those with access; unreliable power supplies and lengthy blackouts that are impacting homes, businesses and the delivery of critical services.

Easipay system shutdown this weekend

Starting from Midday (12.00pm), Saturday June 30 to Midday, Sunday July 1, 2018.

Easipay Customers are encouraged to purchase sufficient Easipay tokens to last through the shutdown period.

PNG Power advises that the upgrade should be completed within the outage period otherwise customers will be alerted.

For more information customers can call the PPL National call center on 70908000 or 7500 8000.


Green energy the way forward for PPL

Acting Chief Executive Officer, Alex Oa said recently that PNG was one of the first countries to sign the Paris Agreement on reducing carbon emissions, and thus the organisation is putting emphasis on renewable energy.

Oa added that in response to Papua New Guinea’s efforts in Climate Change, PPL’s focus is on solar and hydro biomass to reduce the amount of emission released into the atmosphere.

“Fossil fuels are expensive and resorting to renewable energy is cost-saving, and in the long run – prevents further repercussions to the atmosphere.

ENB partners in proposed solar farm project

The solar farm project will provide power supply for a  proposed 400 room Resort, Golf Course and associated facilities with surplus power to be offered to PPL.

PNG Power Ltd (PPL) on Wednesday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the East New Britain Provincial Government (ENBPG), and a US-based contractor, Lenape Development Group to carry out a study for that proposed solar farm project in the province.

Mangos served police investigation files

He returned to the Waigani Committal Court this morning for mention with his lawyer after the court gave directions on July 6 to Fraud investigators from the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate to serve their completed investigation files on him that same day.

His lawyer told the court they have received the files and asked for a two week adjournment to peruse them and prepare submissions in response to the allegations by police.   

Mangos is expected back in court on July 26. His bail of K5,000 is extended till then.