PM O'Neill

PM O'Neill i no sitisen bilong tupla kantri

“Wanpela giaman nius bilong Kramer i gen kamap olsem mi wanpela sistisen bilong Australia.

“Mi no bin kamap sitisen bilong wanpela narapela kantri bipo. Mi sitisen bilong Papua Niugini tasol bikos mama karim mi long Papua Niugini,” Praim Minista Peter O’Neill i tok.

“Mama karim mi long wanpela liklik bus ples ol i kolim Mamuane, klostu long boda mak bilong Galp na Sauten Hailans provins.

“Mi amamas olsem ol pipel bilong mi i lukautim mi long hap. Mi no nidim narapela moa sitisen nem bilong kisim luksave long mi husat.

PM O'Neill condemns Pruaitch's statement

He said what Pruaitch has said is misleading and untrue.

The Prime Minister said the statement lacked evidence, and challenged the Pruaitch to prove it.

The leader of the Opposition recently claimed that the Government had placed the PNG Electrification Partnership in jeopardy by awarding power projects to companies from China without calling for open and competitive tendering.

Landowners demand COI to investigate Manumanu land deal


This follows a recent announcement by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to down grade what he promised to be a COI to an Administrative Inquiry.

Gabadi leader Rev. John Ovia said the Prime Minister has promised the people of Manumanu and Gabadi a COI and that the report was expected to be tabled in Parliament on March 28.

Rev. Ovia called on the Prime Minister to act on his words for a COI to be set up to investigate the allegations surrounding the compulsory land acquisition process.

PM O’Neill thanks PNC supporters for advancing development

Speaking at the dinner held at the Stanley Hotel recently, PM O’Neill said the month of October marked 20 years of the People’s National Congress as a political party since its establishment in 1996.

He said this is the second time that the party has been given the honour of leading the Government of the nation, and he is looking forward to people of Papua New Guinea having the chance to judge the performance of the Government next year.

O’Neill encourages leaders to stand firm

He said is a test particularly for emerging economies that depend largely on commodities as revenue earners for their countries.

“With those challenges there are also opportunities and we must make the most of it so that we can deliver more to our people.

“We are being affected by low mineral, low oil and gas prices, and lower prices for many agricultural commodities we need to put into perspective some of the issues that are affecting us.”

O’Neill said PNG is no different from other countries in the world who are currently facing the same problem.