Manumanu illegal land deal

Release the full Manumanu report!

This report cost taxpayers K2 million. Media outlets have not been given access to the full report into the payment of K46m made to a dubious business entity for land allegedly valued at only K10,000 in Central Province.

Missing files ‘extremely shameful’

In a statement, TIPNG says it is appalling that the Minister for Lands and Physical Planning has needed to report files, important to an Administrative Inquiry launched by the Prime Minister, to be missing.

“It is simply not acceptable that Prime Minister Peter O'Neill and Minister Tkatchenko are prevented from delivering on promises they have made to the nation and shamed by public servants who fail to secure documents essential to delivering of these promises,” says the anti-rot organisation.  

Isoaimo questions Duma’s appointment

Peter Isoaimo said Hagen Open MP Duma is yet to answer to his people on the alleged land deal at Manumanu, where a K46 million transaction to relocate the PNG Defence Force took place without proper process.

In a statement, Isoaimo said a commission of inquiry was promised to his people but then downgraded to an administrative inquiry.

Central LOs condemn Duma’s appointment

In a statement, Gabadi-Manumanu Land Committee chairman, John Daroa, said: “This is because William Duma is under investigation in the controversial Manumanu land deal in Kairuku district while he was the minister for public enterprise and state investments in the last government.

“The outcome of the investigation by the police fraud squad, administrative inquiry and Ombudsman Commission is yet to be made public.”

Advocate opposes downgrading of COI into land deal

The land in question refers to portions 154, 406, 421, 422, 423 and 424 of Manu (NE) Fourmil of Aroa for the establishment of a proposed PNG Defence Force Naval Base.

“I agree entirely with the call by the landowner leaders from Manumanu/Gabadi villages for a Commission of Inquiry and not an Administrative Inquiry,” states Motu-Koita land advocate and former secretary for the Department of Information and Communication, Henao Iduhu.

Landowners demand COI to investigate Manumanu land deal


This follows a recent announcement by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to down grade what he promised to be a COI to an Administrative Inquiry.

Gabadi leader Rev. John Ovia said the Prime Minister has promised the people of Manumanu and Gabadi a COI and that the report was expected to be tabled in Parliament on March 28.

Rev. Ovia called on the Prime Minister to act on his words for a COI to be set up to investigate the allegations surrounding the compulsory land acquisition process.

Landowners call on O’Neill to fulfill his promise

O’Neill announced in February that a Commission of Inquiry (COI) will be established to probe allegations into the Manumanu land deal.

However, he recently announced that the strength of the COI will be reduced to an administrative inquiry.

Manumanu committee chairman John Daroa said O’Neill must fulfil his promise to return the land in question to the customary landowners.

The landowners also demanded a written response from O’Neill of their initial correspondences dated February 8 and February 20 respectively.