Manus MP Ronny Knight

Intervene before locals retaliate: Knight

Manus MP Ronny Knight said this following the alleged sexual assault of a Grade Nine student in Manus last Tuesday at the Harbour side hotel.

The alleged perpetrator has been identified as asylum seeker Rajeev Rajendran, from Sri Lanka (31). He was arrested and charged over the weekend by police and appeared in court on Monday. 

Knight said this (sexual assault) is a result of nothing being done to move the asylum seekers and refugees to a country that will settle them.

“This is one case we have before the law. Many have been unreported,” Knight said.

MP slams Refugee Coalition report

According to the report, the two refugees were outside of the refugee processing centre in a settlement at Lorengau, Manus. They were only out to join New Year celebrations.

Knight said the fellows that were arrested are persons of interest in a drug ring on site. They were allegedly harassing women and blocking traffic, as well as acting very violent.

Knight said he stopped the public from retaliating and called police.

“Police advised immigration and two officers went to try and take them back to Lombrum. They were assaulted,” claimed the Manus MP.

Knight questions death of Sudanese refugee

MP Ronny Knight says now disgruntled asylum seekers are protesting yet another death.

According to refugee advocates, a 27-year-old Sudanese male refugee, known as Faysal, sustained the injuries on Thursday and was flown to Brisbane on Friday afternoon.

He died at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital on Saturday.

"These so-called carers are overpaid and seem not to be able to tell when people are really sick," said Knight.

Knight questioned why they were not fully staffed and why the Lombrum base hospital was not fully fitted.

'Mentally unstable’ asylum seeker violent, claims MP

Knight says the asylum seeker has been roaming around Lorengau town and has become violently aggressive towards the locals.

Knight alleges the individual is mentally unstable and is a risk to the community at large.

“He assaulted several people in the town, including another asylum seeker,” said Knight.

Knight is calling on authorities to take the necessary steps to deal with the unstable asylum seeker.

Knight said: “I am asking the authorities to show us the procedures to be taken in this instance, who is responsible for this illegal alien?”

Knight: Move refugees, asylum seekers out!

He has called on the Australian Government to return those allegedly involved in the rape of a local, for investigations.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull over the weekend announced the one-off refugee resettlement deal between Australia and the US for people on Manus Island and Nauru to be moved to the United States.

Turnbull, alongside Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, over the weekend said the deal would only apply to those currently on Nauru and Manus Island. 

Love dilemma for refugees in Manus

He issued the call after Loop PNG enquired about local women marrying refugees.

“When they are taken away or move away, what will happen to the wives and children? PNG immigration has to be aware that they and their Australian counterparts are exposed to anyone taking a lawsuit on them over their mishandling of the whole thing,” Knight said.

“My major concern is the Regional Processing Centre (RPC) staff marrying asylum seekers. It clearly is a mess that immigration has to fix immediately.

Manus MPs take on VONC

He said his decision would have to be a moral one that represented the good of the nation rather than sacrifice his principles for his people.

Speaking about the current government, he said there comes a time in a man's life when he must make the hard decision like weighing the interest of his district against those of the nation.

He said he believes Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has done a huge job under a lot of controversy that needs closure. And he is sure that many Papua New Guineans feel the same.