MP slams Refugee Coalition report

Manus MP Ronny Knight has slammed a report by Refugee Coalition in Sydney on the portrayal of two Iranian asylum seekers as being victims on New Year’s Eve.

According to the report, the two refugees were outside of the refugee processing centre in a settlement at Lorengau, Manus. They were only out to join New Year celebrations.

Knight said the fellows that were arrested are persons of interest in a drug ring on site. They were allegedly harassing women and blocking traffic, as well as acting very violent.

Knight said he stopped the public from retaliating and called police.

“Police advised immigration and two officers went to try and take them back to Lombrum. They were assaulted,” claimed the Manus MP.

“Police came in and a constable was punched to the ground. Police then fought with them and enacted arrest.”

They were locked up and faced several charges, including possession of drugs.

“Now Manus PPC allows them bail. Any local on such charges would not be allowed bail for these offences,” stated Knight.

“We now see we have 2 laws in Manus; one for locals and one for expats.

“It is disgusting and a blow to hardworking policemen. Next time we will allow locals to give them mob justice,” threatened the MP.

During a Christmas search, weapons, cannabis and homebrew were found in the refugee processing centre.

(Confiscated items during a Christmas search by police on the refugee processing centre)

Meredith Kuusa