2017 New Year

Province set for 2017

His comments came after the province’s Government Situation Group meeting last Tuesday (Jan 3) with the Provincial Administrator and all divisional heads, including the Provincial Police Commander and New Ireland Works.

The event focused on work schedules for the province.

PM welcomes businesses returning from holidays

He said as Government operations resume, and businesses end their Christmas shutdown, global indicators are also positive for the economy.

“The New Year brings increased opportunity to expand positive growth, stimulate business and create jobs,” the Prime Minister said as he returned to duties after spending Christmas and New Year with his family.

“Last year we weathered one of the most challenging global economic environments in recent years, and our economy is still producing positive growth.

MP slams Refugee Coalition report

According to the report, the two refugees were outside of the refugee processing centre in a settlement at Lorengau, Manus. They were only out to join New Year celebrations.

Knight said the fellows that were arrested are persons of interest in a drug ring on site. They were allegedly harassing women and blocking traffic, as well as acting very violent.

Knight said he stopped the public from retaliating and called police.

“Police advised immigration and two officers went to try and take them back to Lombrum. They were assaulted,” claimed the Manus MP.

PM concerned over disciplined forces’ conduct

“If you do not serve your uniform with honour, you have no right to wear it."

The PM’s statements follow at the back of reports of a clash between the PNG Defence Force and Police at New Year.

He has issued a direction to the Nation’s disciplined forces to immediately enforce the ‘one-strike and you are out’ policy for unacceptable behaviour.

"The public expects better from our service personnel and there are many young committed men and women who want to join the forces,” O’Neill said in a statement.

PNGDF captain’s wife reveals story behind rampage

The wife of the PNG Defence Force captain, who was allegedly stopped at the police roadblock at New Year’s Eve, claims a group of police officers blocked them off and assaulted her husband.

The woman, who did not want to be named for security reasons, said there were four adults in the vehicle that night with an 11-month-old baby.

They had finished from a small celebration at the captain’s house and were on their way to drop off the other couple and their baby at Murray Barracks.

There was a slight drizzle when they drove out of the barracks.

Alternate Govt will abolish departments

Polye says the departments will be done away with because socio-economic development is the main focus of their policy.

He says the abolishment also aims to strengthen the proficiency of the public service.

“The Department of Personnel Management, I’ll abolish it (and) I’ll strengthen the Public Service Commission.

“The Department of National Planning I’ll abolish it and put it under the Department of Prime Minister.

“Social Development I’ll take it out and put it under the Department of Prime Minister because socio-economic development will be my focus.”

Take fresh look at PNG, foreign media told

In his New Year message, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said: “While some foreign media might like to pick up on isolated incidents and try to make them seem mainstream, all who live in our communities know that Papua New Guinea is a country that is changing.

“We do not have the problems of past decades and life is constantly improving around the nation.”

The PM stated that we have so much work ahead to continue to share the benefits of development, but the country is moving in the right direction.

PNGDF soldiers assault police boss

This comes after police, during their New Year operations, pulled over a captain of the PNGDF.

The captain allegedly refused to cooperate with police, where he pulled a pistol at the officers on duty.

The police managed to disarm him, bringing the gun to Boroko Police Station.

Moments later, a group of PNGDF officers arrived at the station but were told by Turi to leave.

A second group arrived soon after and moments later, shots were fired.

Amid the chaos, the NCD Police boss and another senior police officer were assaulted.

PM applauds country for safe celebrations

PM O’Neill made the comments as Papua New Guinea woke up to a New Year with minimal reports of disturbances over the festive period.

“People in communities right around our nation have been able to enjoy celebrations with family and friends and welcome in the New Year.

“I thank members of the public and community leaders throughout the nation for working together and enabling our people to enjoy time together."

Sluggish Pom traffic flow

A few more PMV buses have joined their colleagues on the road, but traffic is still sluggish.

Even though it’s a public holiday, major shopping outlets like Vision City and RH are open.

Meanwhile, clouds and sun should be expected in Port Moresby today, according to AccuWeather.