Lorengau Town

Manus Robbery Suspect Detained

Provincial police commander, David Yapu, said his officers conducted a dawn raid during New Year and apprehended the suspect at Palo’s Hill at ward 5.

The suspect is of Manus and New Ireland heritage.

He was recently involved in a robbery at City Pharmacy.

The suspect is in custody and will be dealt with by Criminal Investigation Division members.

Proposed refugee site meets stiff resistance

A meeting was convened on Monday between Manus community leaders and the Provincial Government. However, community leaders were disappointed that Manus Governor Charlie Benjamin and Migration officials were not present.

Community leaders in Manus called for the meeting yesterday to air out their grievances regarding a proposed move to have the refugees resettled near Pere Camp, at Ward 1 Lorengau, at a private property belonging to a businessman in Manus.

LO suggests a brothel for ‘hyper active refugees’

Local landowner in Lorengau town, Pomaiou Poiil, said: “The government should allow for a w**** house in Lorengau town.

“I know a lot of people will be against me as PNG is a Christian country but Manus Island must be an exception.

“We are dealing with a situation that has never happened before in the country.”

The landowner says if the Government approves the idea, he will get in call girls from Asian countries to service these “hyper active refugees”.

'Mentally unstable’ asylum seeker violent, claims MP

Knight says the asylum seeker has been roaming around Lorengau town and has become violently aggressive towards the locals.

Knight alleges the individual is mentally unstable and is a risk to the community at large.

“He assaulted several people in the town, including another asylum seeker,” said Knight.

Knight is calling on authorities to take the necessary steps to deal with the unstable asylum seeker.

Knight said: “I am asking the authorities to show us the procedures to be taken in this instance, who is responsible for this illegal alien?”

Manusians to have better market access

The project has resulted in major improvements to the roads, drains and footpaths around Lorengau Market that will improve access for all Manusians. It forms part of the ongoing project to ugrade and reseal the road from Momote Airport to Lorengau Town.

Nixon Solomon, President of the Manus United Disability Association, is pleased to see the project has resulted in smooth sealed footpaths and kerb ramps. He notes that these will provide safer access to the market precinct and town amenities.