Knight questions death of Sudanese refugee

Member for Manus has slammed the operators of the refugee Centre in Manus.

MP Ronny Knight says now disgruntled asylum seekers are protesting yet another death.

According to refugee advocates, a 27-year-old Sudanese male refugee, known as Faysal, sustained the injuries on Thursday and was flown to Brisbane on Friday afternoon.

He died at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital on Saturday.

"These so-called carers are overpaid and seem not to be able to tell when people are really sick," said Knight.

Knight questioned why they were not fully staffed and why the Lombrum base hospital was not fully fitted.

He said it would be much cheaper than sending them to Port Moresby every time they have an issue.

“It seems that minor ailments get treated in Port Moresby while serious ailments are ignored until it's too late. Are there actual qualified doctors working at the Refugee Processing Centre?

“On behalf of the district and the Manus people, we relay our sincere condolences to this poor fellow. If you are interning them you must care for them.”

Knight said the situation is extremely irritating and obnoxious and Australia must work with the United Nations Refugee Agency to immediately relocate the asylum seekers back to their own countries.

“Millions are being spent on an overpriced expatriate workforce which obviously has no quality of care,” claims the Manus MP.

He said those who failed to diagnose asylum seekers must bear the brunt of another inquiry.

Meredith Kuusa