Major General Mark Goina

PNGDF 14-day probe of Kupiano incident

The training incident has left two dead and two injured; a civilian included.

Commander Goina said, “Our investigation is being conducted separate to, but in concert with, a police investigation. We are cooperating fully with the police and their investigation.”

“The first members of our investigation team were on site late yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon. The team comprises very experienced and senior members of the PNGDF. Those who have a thorough understanding or our training, legal, medical, and ammunition management and supply system.”

CDF explains Incident at Kupiano

“Their death is a tragic loss to all. Those who were injured are our highest priority of support, and will remain so as we support their speedy recovery,” said Major General Goina.

MAJGEN Goina revealed the names of the two deceased, stating that their families and next of kin have all been informed. However, the names of the injured have been withheld at this time to protect their privacy.

The names of the deceased are:

Goina Visits Units Before 2022 NGE

The unit visits is to allow the CDF to understand the challenges currently faced and how best to assist the units as PNGDF is undergoing preparations to support the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary during the 2022 National Elections Security Operations.

Major General Goina during his visit received the unit briefing from Unit Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Nancy Wii, the Director Air Preparations, Lt Col Eddie Miro and the Qualified Flying Instructor from the Royal Australian Air Force Wing Commander Tim Shaw. 

Toropo’s Appeal Suspended

The recent court events were triggered by an application by Retired Major General Gilbert Toropo that saw the National Court respond by ordering a stay on the Head of State Appointment Instrument that appointed Major General Mark Goina as Commander PNGDF.

Goina remains as PNGDF Commander

On December 31, 2021, the former Commander, Major General Gilbert Toropo filed a judicial review proceeding at the National Court, over his revocation as PNGDF Commander, and Commander Goina’s appointment as the new Commander of the PNGDF.

“The orders of the 31st of December 2021 has now been stayed,” said Solicitor General Tauvasa Tanuvasa. “That means that we are now in a situation as if the National Court proceedings were never filed in the first place.”