Kavieng Police Station

Protest Over Detainee’s Alleged Rape

The woman, who is the mother of a five-year-old girl, was allegedly raped by three police officers at around 2am on Monday.

Yesterday afternoon, the women leaders, including young men and women, handed the petition to the provincial administrator and a representative of the New Ireland governor.

Today, the courthouse and the provincial police commander received their copies of the petition.

Female Detainee Allegedly Gang Raped

The young woman was waiting to be transported to the Kavieng Correctional Institution when the alleged incident happened at around 2am.

Her mother said she was kept in a separate room while the male detainees were in the holding cell.

“They planned it,” the victim’s mother told this newsroom.

“She was the only female locked away in what looked like a store room.

“It’s got brick walls around so when she shouted and struggled, no one could hear from the other side.