Gari Baki

​Security response units deployed to highlands

The units will commence on Saturday, 3rd of June, 2017.

This will allow for them to be prepositioned in the areas before they take delivery of the ballot boxes and papers coming into the polling areas at the end of June.

The response units have mostly been deployed into high risk areas.

Intelligence operatives have been doing assessments for the last six to seven months.

According to Commissioner for Police, Gari Baki, most areas in the highlands region are considered high risk.

Elections communications centre in operation

The centre was launched after the opening of the security elections operations in Mt Hagen on Friday (May 26).

A demonstration of direct communication was done between the Communication Centre in Port Moresby and the Chief Secretary, Isaac Lupari, and Police Commissioner Gari Baki, who were both present at the Mt Hagen launch.

Lupari announced over the police radio network not only launching of the highlands region security operations, but operations for the entire country.

Take PNG through elections

Chief Secretary, Isaac Lupari launched the commands of police, defence and CS officers who will be deployed throughout the Highlands region.

Commissioner for Police, Gari Baki when speaking to the 2000 plus officers posed a challenge and told them to take PNG through the Elections.

"This is a challenge that everyone of us will face."

Baki says it is a daunting task considering that there are a lot of issues that are affecting the security preparations leading up to the polling.

Baki’s review case further adjourned

The judge presiding over the matter Justice Leka Nablu adjourned the case because she wanted the state to be ready to address the court.

Commissioner Baki filed the case asking the National Court to review the two NEC decisions that led to the establishment of the Task Force Sweep team.

The matter returned to court on Thursday.

This time, Sam Koim as Chairman of the Investigation Task Force Sweep team (now abolished) and the state were present in court.

Security operations parade underway in Mt Hagen

The parade formation will be at IEA (Mt Hagen Big Rooster) and will march through Waghi Parade and reform in an orderly fashion at the Queen Elizabeth Park.

The arrival of the parade hosts, Commissioner for Police, Gari Baki and the reviewing officer, Chief Secretary to the Government, Isaac Lupari is expected at around 9:45am.

The parade will comprise of parade commander, Superintendent David Seine (PPC Simbu) and Parade Sgt Major Chief Sergeant William Manu.

VIDEO: Baki visits Kundiawa Police

While there he was taken on a tour by the Chimbu police commander as well as met with some personnel.

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​Baki in WHP to launch police operations

Hours later, Commissioner Baki took to the highways heading down to Chimbu province to inspect and observe election operations there.

Baki was greeted by the Simbu Provincial Police Commander; Chief Inspector David Seine, at the Kundiawa Police Headquarters. There he was given a tour and briefing of election operations in the province.

Baki toured the headquarters, reviewing and asking about existing challenges faced by officers during the elections period.

​Baki seeks to nullify ITFS establishment

Royal PNG Constabulary lawyers, on May 8, filed the case against Sam Koim as chairman of Investigation Task Force Sweep team, Chief Inspector Timothy Gitua, Sergeant Aaron Eliza, Sergeant Pius Peng, Senior Constable Basi Sopata comprising the Investigation Task Force Sweep team, the NEC and the State.

In-house lawyer from the Constabulary, Stanley Poga, appeared before Justice Leka Nablu last week for the proceeding filed under the judicial review track.

However, the matter was adjourned because the state did not appear, despite being served on May 16.

​Agencies urged to allow reservists man elections

Personnel Management Secretary, John Kali, made the request in a circular issued at the start of the week.

In an advance notice given for agencies to plan ahead, Kali said reservists had been called to assist during the elections between June and July.

“I am therefore requesting that all agency heads look favourably upon requests from police reservists in their organisations to attend to the Police Commissioner’s call,” he said.

“As far as possible, police reservists should be released for the whole of the 2017 election period.

​Highlands election operations to be launched

Police Commissioner Gari Baki said they are antcipating challenges and high security risks in the region.

“Most of the security personnel will be based in the highlands because the region presents a lot of encounters, in terms of security aspects.”

Baki is calling on locals to understand the election process and to work with police to make sure the elections run smoothly and on a safe and trouble-free note.