Gari Baki

Baki to invite PM in for questioning

Commissioner Baki said he has engaged the Assistant Commissioner for Crimes, Victor Isouve, and the fraud director and his team to assist him.

In a media conference this morning, Baki said the option now is for himself, as the commissioner for Police, to invite the Prime Minister for questioning.

He adds that it is not a requirement by law but an existing and established protocol the Constabulary has engaged over the years for leaders and high profile people.

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Baki to discuss future of asylum seekers

Police Commissioner Gari Baki will meet with the heads of relevant government department and agencies to discuss the future of the asylum seekers living on Manus Island.


PNG’s first trade policy to be launched

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill will be launching Papua New Guinea’s First National Trade Policy today (Aug 9).

Kandep fighting: Manase, Polye’s silence deafening

Baki urged both leaders to take ownership of the conflict and condemn the fighting, which has resulted in several deaths.

He said their silence on the clashes is seen to be in support of the conflict in the Province.

“Of concern also is the fact that none of the other elected leaders, including the two named, have come out to stop the fighting,” he said.

“Mr Polye and Mr Manase should now not be talking about politics but to stop the death and destruction and finding ways to bring back peace and law and order into the province.

Candidates urged to control violence

He said this following continued clashes in Mendi, allegedly by supporters of Powi and Kobol, which have resulted in several deaths and destruction of property.

In a statement, Baki said ongoing fights and killings are not solutions for election related disputes.

“Leaders must take ownership of the situation and actively and positively contribute towards peace and normalcy,” said Baki.

Baki's application dismissed

The Waigani National Court made a ruling on the case today after Royal PNG Constabulary in-house lawyer, Stanley Poga, asked the court on July 18 to judicially review the decisions dated 11 August 2011 and 27 January 2012.

Justice Leka Nablu refused to allow the two decisions to be judicially reviewed because of the long delay in Gari Baki bringing the case to court.

Cases of Judicial review must be filed within four months of the aggrieved decision.

Police boss satisfied with security operations

Baki said he was impressed with the conduct of the elections after travelling to various Highlands provinces.

He said so far, security operations in the Highlands region and the country have been going very well.

Baki had travelled to Mendi, Wabag and Hela on Tuesday and was satisfied with what was happening on ground.

“Our security personnel are prepared to allow the counting to go ahead in these provinces.”

​Joint forces will not redirect resources: Baki

Commissioner for Police, Gari Baki, said despite the fact that the objectivity of the call-out has not been fully achieved, that does not mean the joint forces are not aware of people who are still holding onto illegal weapons.

“Hela will be the first place of polling, there will be a lot of focus on the province during the last leg of the election process.”

Commissioner satisfied with Tari’s progress

After speaking with the Hela Provincial Police Commander, Luke Wally, Gari Baki said: "I am indeed very satisfied with the outcome of this election period and I hope this continues throughout the polling period as well.”

Commissioner Baki said despite public perception, Hela has been relatively quiet, apart from the one or two incidents in recent weeks.

The elections needed to be taken seriously, stated the commissioner.

“Everyone must make sure that it is delivered successfully in their respective regions.”

​Election committee to meet with provincial officials

As a result, a meeting has been organised for the members of the Inter-Departmental Election Committee (IDEC), heads of the three disciplinary forces, the chief secretary and the Electoral Commissioner. They will meet with the electoral officials and Provincial Police Commanders of each of the provinces in the region.

The idea is to move within the provinces and have a one-on-one discussion with officials about their responsibilities.

Police Commissioner Gari Baki said this is make sure the election process is followed diligently.

​Border security operations to be launched

The launch of this operation is to assist the Electoral Commission with the elections that will be conducted in the three border provinces; East Sepik, West Sepik and Western Province.

More than 300 personnel from the Royal PNG Constabulary, Correctional Services and PNGDF will be engaged and tasked in a joint force to carry out security operations along the borders of PNG.

The Commissioner for Police, Gari Baki, along with his contingent, is expected to be travelling into the province to launch the joint border operation launch.