Eruption 2018

Kadovar eruption continues

The sleeping volcano started erupting on January 5.

In its 25th situation report, the Rabaul Volcanological Observatory (RVO) said the main crater produced continuous moderate to thick dark grey ash clouds up to February 27th, at which time they changed to thick white vapour. 

Be prepared, urges Bird

Governor Allan Bird said from reports received recently, the situation in Kadovar Island will most likely worsen.

He said the actual status of the volcanic activity at this stage is unknown however, there is a possibility of a disaster just waiting to happen.

He pointed out that experts believe they are at risk of tsunamis.

Bird said the future of the islanders is uncertain however, they are positive that they will secure land and in fact, the Kaup area has been set aside.

The governor reiterated that they are aware of at least ten volcanoes in the province.

Kadovar tremors felt in Madang: Official

The earth tremors have also been felt in Madang.

Madang Provincial Disaster coordinator, Rudolf Mongali, says if seismic activities increase, the greatest concern would be Karkar Island.

He said the island is densely populated and it will be a nightmare trying to evacuate the 2000-plus people on the island.

Since Mother Nature does not have time to negotiate, he says, fingers are crossed; the tremors are not massive enough to affect the volcanic islands in Madang Province.

Madang residents raise funds for islanders

This will be the second wheelbarrow push.

The first was held last Saturday.

According to the Madang Provincial Disaster Centre, who is working closely with the community in raising funds, a number of wheelbarrow push will be done before they send the funds to help the displaced islanders.

The team is appealing to all Sepiks in Madang Town and the general public, including business houses, to lend a helping hand.

(A similar initiative is being carried out in the nation’s capital)

Second phase of Kadovar relief program ends

According to Chris Bais of the East Sepik Governor’s Office, within 11 days from the day of eruption, organisers were able to supply relief food supplies, 20 litres of water, cartons of drinking water and tarpaulins.

The complete evacuation of Kadavor villagers to the care centre at Dandan also took place within 11 days.

So far over 533 men, women and children are at the Dandan care centre.

No volcanic activity on Biem: Dept

The Department established radio contact with the Chief of Bam (Biem) Island, who is on site, yesterday evening.

“It can now be categorically stated that there has been no volcanic activity of any kind on that island,” says the Dept.

“Kadovar however, continues to produce a steam plume to a few hundred meters.”

This confirmation supports the Rabaul Volcanological Observatory’s statement on Sunday regarding the lack of volcanic activity on Biem.