Kadovar tremors felt in Madang: Official

The people in Wewak are not the only ones concerned about the frequent earth tremors and the potential explosive volcanic activities on Kadovar Island and rest of the Schouten Group of Volcanic Islands.

The earth tremors have also been felt in Madang.

Madang Provincial Disaster coordinator, Rudolf Mongali, says if seismic activities increase, the greatest concern would be Karkar Island.

He said the island is densely populated and it will be a nightmare trying to evacuate the 2000-plus people on the island.

Since Mother Nature does not have time to negotiate, he says, fingers are crossed; the tremors are not massive enough to affect the volcanic islands in Madang Province.

Furthermore, Madang still has the outstanding issue of resettling the Manam Islanders who fled their homes since the volcanic island erupted in 2004.

(Madang police station)

Charmaine Poriambep