Be prepared, urges Bird

The East Sepik Governor is adamant that coastal villages along the Sepik River as well as the neighbouring islands need to be prepared for the worst.

Governor Allan Bird said from reports received recently, the situation in Kadovar Island will most likely worsen.

He said the actual status of the volcanic activity at this stage is unknown however, there is a possibility of a disaster just waiting to happen.

He pointed out that experts believe they are at risk of tsunamis.

Bird said the future of the islanders is uncertain however, they are positive that they will secure land and in fact, the Kaup area has been set aside.

The governor reiterated that they are aware of at least ten volcanoes in the province.

These may also cause other issues like unusual behaviour in water sources.

He is advising locals to report unusual water behaviour to the disaster office. 

Imelda Wavik