Second phase of Kadovar relief program ends

Tuesday signified the end of the second part of the relief program for the victims of Kadavor volcanic eruption on 5th January, 2018.

According to Chris Bais of the East Sepik Governor’s Office, within 11 days from the day of eruption, organisers were able to supply relief food supplies, 20 litres of water, cartons of drinking water and tarpaulins.

The complete evacuation of Kadavor villagers to the care centre at Dandan also took place within 11 days.

So far over 533 men, women and children are at the Dandan care centre.

Bais says this prompt response was possible through the cooperation, professionalism and continuous dialogues between the governor’s office, provincial administration, Wewak District and PNGDF.

In an update he acknowledge efforts from teams on ground, including groups led by Derick Warakai and Ricky Wobar.

Notably the personnel of Moem along with the navy crews assisting with transport logistics based on the HMS Dreger 02 and LCH Lakekamu.

Meantime, Bais reiterated that there is still a lot to be done and urged all to maintain the same level of commitment throughout, including potential evacuation of Ruprup and Biem Islanders.

“God bless our people of Kadovar now residing at Dandan Care Centre and our very hardworking team on the ground at Dandan and Wewak,” he added.

(Pictures: Chris Bais Facebook page)

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