Drugs and sorcery needs to be addressed – commander

Provincial Police Commander Albert Beli says drugs and sorcery related violence are two major issues for the province.

“I encourage village people (to report) incidents of sorcery related issues so that authorities can help prevent deaths or tribal fights,” he says.

Beli says these two issues need to be addressed properly by authorities, especially sorcery.

He says people need to know that sorcery is only a belief that was practised before and passed on through generations.

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NCD Police investigate student rape


Police in Port Moresby are looking into allegations of another school student rape.

Western reports drug arrests

Western reports drug arrests

The suspect 34 from Malalaua was picked up by a patrol unit on Friday the 9th of October after they received a tip off.

The suspect was found with K900 worth of marijuana and was alleged to have travelled into Daru to meet up with traders in the area.

The man has been charged and is  now behind bars.

In another drug bust, a mother of two aged 27 from the Daru area was also apprehended with about 10kg of marijuana on Wednesday the 7th of October.

Men picked up for drugs

The two men aged 34 and 45 were picked up with almost 5kg worth of marijuana on them.

Both men are in Boroko police custody.

Meantime, two more Goilala youths aged 17 and 16 were picked up at the 5 mile Jack Pidik park with 1kg of marijuana later in the afternoon.

The two youths are also now at the Boroko police station.

All the men will be charged with drug possession and intent to sell.