Australian teenager Jamie Murphy arrested in Bali over drug claim

Jamie Murphy, 18, was detained at the Sky Garden nightclub at Kuta beach in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

His lawyer claimed forensic tests proved a white powder, allegedly found on Mr Murphy, was not an illegal substance.

News Corp Australia reported police now believed the powder was paracetamol.


Youths urged to make a change for the future

With the rise in homebrew consumption among youths, Milne Bay provincial youth coordinator Vicky Wesley urges youths to stay away from consuming homebrew and drugs as these are illegal.

She said it’s time for youths to change but it’s up to every individual to make the change within them.

 “If you feel you need to change, the only way out is to say no and say yes to change as the drugs and homebrew will only land you in more trouble and negativity.

“The need to change must come from within you and it takes a lot of boldness and courage to do so.”

Philippines: Gunned down with a president's blessing?

Shocking photographs published in local and international media show suspected drug dealers -- the front line on his war against drugs -- often bound hand and foot, shirts soaked in blood, their faces sometimes covered in duct tape, wearing crude signs proclaiming their alleged crimes. Murdered in the streets or in ramshackle, crowded rooms.


Tough warnings

And no one can say they weren't warned.

Police arrest youths for drugs and homebrew

The 17-year-old was spotted by a police unit outside the Boroko NasFund office area this morning.

The teen will be questioned at the station.

Meantime, another youth, aged 16, was also caught around the Yakapilin secondhand area this morning.

The youth, from Tari, was allegedly under the influence of homebrew and was harassing vendors at the market area.

Both youths are at the Hohola station. 


Police catch woman with 5kg of marijuana

The woman was intercepted by a police unit on sector patrol in the area.

Police spotted the woman because of her suspicious behaviour.

The woman, aged 34, was charged at the Hohola police station with drug possession and intent to sell.

She will be appearing in court next week. 

Lihir islands urged to report marijuana cultivators

Lihir Police Station Commander Senior Inspector Elizah Taksir made the call following information to police of people engaging in these illegal activities.

Taskir says the police will be keeping a look out for those cultivating marijuana and despite the fact that the police on Lihir had limited resources, they will still monitor these illegal activities and arrest those involved.

Police nab youths selling drugs

Mark Yape and Tom Ipe aged 16 and 17 were arrested with about 10 kg worth of marijuana near the car wash area.

The two were intercepted by police who have been monitoring the drains outside of the Kone Tigers oval area.

The area has been under surveillance after tip-offs that there illegal drug sales were being carried out there.

Police picked them up with prepacked drugs around 10am this morning.

The two are now at the Boroko juvenile cells waiting to be charged.


Cole died from pulmonary tension, led to heart failure

Her family said in a statement to The Associated Press on Thursday that after Cole received a kidney transplant in 2009, she was diagnosed with pulmonary arterial hypertension, a rare lung disease that causes shortness of breath, dizziness and sometimes chest pain. Because Cole's case was idiopathic, the exact cause is unknown.

​Drug and home brew arrests at 9 mile

The two men, aged 25 and 38, were arrested with almost 5kg of marijuana after police were tipped off by members of the community.

Police report that the two men are now being detained and will most likely be charged with drug possession and intent to sell.

Meantime, two youths from Goilala in Central Province were picked up around the nine mile area at lunch time today.

The two, aged 15 and 17, were under the influence of home brew alcohol and trying to pick fights with passengers at the main bus stop area.

Both youths are now at the Boroko police cells.

Nicki Minaj says mass imprisonment in war on drugs is like slavery

In a wide-ranging interview with Billboard magazine, the musician was asked about the disproportionate number of non-white people targeted by US drug enforcement policies.

"What it has become is not a war on drugs. It has become slavery. Or something crazier," Minaj said.

"When I see how many people are in jail, I feel like, 'Wait a minute. Our government is aware of these statistics and thinks it's OK?'. The sentences are inhumane.

"I love the president for trying to be a voice for people who no other person has ever tried to be a voice for."