Drugs and sorcery needs to be addressed – commander

The people of Simbu Province are urged to report people who are involved in the cultivation of marijuana and sorcery related violence.

Provincial Police Commander Albert Beli says drugs and sorcery related violence are two major issues for the province.

“I encourage village people (to report) incidents of sorcery related issues so that authorities can help prevent deaths or tribal fights,” he says.

Beli says these two issues need to be addressed properly by authorities, especially sorcery.

He says people need to know that sorcery is only a belief that was practised before and passed on through generations.

“ it is only a belief. In court you cannot defend yourself by saying you killed a man because you believe he used sorcery to kill your relative,” Beli explains.

He hopes in the New Year Simbu Province can make an improvement on these two issues. 

Joy Kisselpar