Drug laws too lenient

Lawrence Tau who is also an advocator against drugs and substance abuse says the current drug laws of the country are not harsh enough to deter youths from committing this offense.

He said it is high time for the government and the law and justice sector to amend the existing drug laws and penalties.

“The drug laws are not effective. If you look at them, they are too lenient” said Mr Tau.

Under the current drug laws, offenders serve only 2 years jail time.

“As an advocator against drugs, I see that harsher penalties should be imposed” he further stated.


Stolen Spam used like currency in Hawaii

Tina Yamaki said thefts of Spam had escalated since a recent law change on the value of stolen goods defining a crime.

She said organised criminals appeared to be involved, with entire cases of Spam taken in some of the heists.

Ms Yamaki said the cans were often then sold out of the back of cars, at swap meets and some people are using Spam as currency and bartering for drugs with it.

Norway jails top policeman for smuggling drugs

Eirik Jensen, who was responsible for combating organised crime in the capital Oslo, was arrested in 2014.

On Monday, a court found he had received at least 667,800 kroner (€71,300, £63,200) in bribes to help smuggle tonnes of hashish into Norway.

He denies the charges and plans to appeal, his lawyer said.

Jensen's 21-year sentence for corruption was the maximum permitted under the law, and a rare event in Norway.

VIDEO: No drug problem: Patel

He said they are not panicking at this stage but moving ahead to ensure supplies remain consistent.

The move follows the destruction of its central warehouse in Port Moresby following a massive fire on Monday.


Cedric Patjole reports 


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VIDEO: Drugs needed in rural areas

This is evident at the Malalamai village,in the Rai coast village of Madang where a little semi-permanent structure caters for over six villages. 


Imelda Wavik reports

VIDEO: Toy gun confiscated

Lae Police foot beat unit members were in for a surprise following a bust of two suspects in possession of rolled marijuana which they were about to sell. 


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Kase defends procurement of medical drugs

Kase said it was incorrect to say that the unavailability of medical supplies in the country relates to poor procurement practices by the National Department of Health.

He said the procurement of medical drugs and equipment were complex but had been successful in the last five years.

Kase clarified that the Central Supply and Tenders Board (CSTB) awards the contract to the company involved in the distribution of medical kits in the country. 

Marijuana leftovers sicken dog in Colorado

Patty Moore called the veterinarian after her Golden Retriever, Chance, started acting strange, she told CNN affiliate KCNC.

Moore said the 10-year-old dog couldn't stand to eat. "It was like her legs didn't work at all," she said.

Chance's vet diagnosed the dog as having ingested marijuana. The telltale signs: the animal appeared depressed, drunk or stupefied for no apparent reason.

K30,00 worth of drugs seized in Lae

Lae Police Boss Anthony Wagambie Jnr said the drugs were destined for Kimbe, West New Britain Province.       

“The five suspects were apprehended on board a double cab Nissan Navara with the bags of drugs on board. Police CID tailed them and intercepted them.

“The prime suspect admitted to Police that he had bought the drugs from Goroka for K1,500 and wanted to take it to Kimbe to have it sold.

“The street value of the drugs at Kimbe would most likely be more than K30,000 if sold at K1 rolls,” Wagambie Jnr said.   

Youths vow to weed out drugs and homebrew

Thousands of people who gathered in Kundiawa town last Friday made a new year resolution to eradicate drugs such as marijuana and homebrew or steam which is destroying the future generations.

The New Year resolution was done in front of Opposition Leader, Don Pomb Polye.

Polye was invited as the guest speaker by Simbu Youth Group which is working with police and the Simbu Provincial government to eradicate drugs and steam from the province.

He was welcomed by traditional dancing groups and mothers and youth groups upon arrival, prior to the actual event.