Corporate Netball

Corporate netball in recess

With outstanding games scheduled on December 10th, the teams will then take a break before returning on January 14th to complete the remaining games leading up to the finals.

This year, 129 teams are participating in 22 divisions, with 30 new teams joining the competition. The management has faced several challenges in managing the competition during the ongoing pandemic and ensuring adherence to all the rules. However, the support and cooperation from all teams have ensured the smooth running of the competition.

Netball Semi-Finals dusted

The top four teams battled it out to secure the top 2 spots for the Grand Final. There was a number of super close games across the divisions.

Next weekend games will hold final dry-runs. A meeting will be held after this weekend’s games with representatives of teams who are in the grand final.

On February 19th, the competition will have the Top 4 Playoff  with two minor finals, and 25th February the Top 2 go head to head in the grand finale.

Corporate netball draws near to finals

Team representatives have been encouraged to talk to their respective teams to complete matches for the season before the final playoffs come early February. 

Private Companies Netball Competition (PCNC) President, Julie Mai says the match is all about keeping fit, healthy and creating friendship among corporate companies.

On Sunday January 29th will be the last match, then the outstanding games to be played on 4th February before the finals.  

Public servants netball heating up

President Davera Guru said the competition had run smoothly since it started in October of last year. 

She said the competition has  more than 20 teams who play in 7 divisions. She added the finals will be played next month. 

In today's results in the Premier division, National Fisheries Authority (1) def PNG Sports Foundation (1) 17-15, PNG Olympic Committee def. PNG Power 22-11, Bank of PNG (1) def Ombudsman Commission Eagles 19-7.