K60mil Markham DSIP queried

With Markham district receiving over K60 million in the space of five years, expectation would be high, especially when it comes to infrastructural growth and services like water supply and electricity.

The district, however, is still struggling, with a majority of its population living in inaccessible areas with no access to water, electricity, health or education services. 

With Prime Minister James Marape and Deputy Prime Minister, John Rosso, outlining that over K60 million in district services improvement program funds have been disbursed to the Markham district treasury, between 2017 and 2022, taxpayers are beginning to question where the funding has gone to.

Currently, the most obvious change is the new administration office and the new landscape at Mutzing Station. However, that infrastructure was constructed with nearly K5 million from the Department of National Planning.

Markham District Administrator, Bohage Bebinaso, said landscaping was undertaken by R & Sons Constructions for K2.7 million; and the entire project was funded by the Department of National Planning and Markham District Development Authority.  

Lae media asked Bebinaso to confirm whether the district has received the amount indicated by the head of state and his deputy, and which areas the funding were invested in.

“That kind of money – I think I must have taken it right or wrong but – they were counting the kind of funds that were given under the district services improvement program. I don’t think K60 million covers Markham; it’s not only Markham but covering other districts as well. I think that was what he (DPM Rosso) was making reference to,” said Bebinaso.

“Very isolated locations that road has never been accessed in the last 30, 40 years, we are able to deliver. All our road accessibility has been maintained because we have a district works unit and we have the machine capacity.

“All the equipment, starting from dump truck, roller, grader, excavator, we do have all those. And they are positioned at respective LLGs. We have three LLGs; Wantoat-Leron, Onga-Waffa and Umi-Atzera.”

Apart from road maintenance, Bebinaso also generally said they have invested in education and health as well.

“The support for schools is very good in the district.”

Loop Author