Byron Chan

Chan seeks review of petition dismissal

However, his lawyers are yet to receive a written ruling from the trial judge, who decided on the petition in order to file the application for leave.

Chan’s lawyers told the Supreme Court yesterday (April 13) they are yet to receive the written ruling outlining the reasons for the dismissal.

They intend to seek leave of the court to review the dismissal but require the written ruling.

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia, sitting as single Supreme Court judge, extended the time for Chan to move his application to April 27.

Court refuses Chan’s application

Petitioner Byron Chan last week asked the court to refer seven questions to the Supreme Court surrounding the alleged illegal use of the aeroplane fold or ‘balus fold’ that was used by Schnaubelt’s supporters during polling.

Today, Justice Collin Makail gave his ruling on the application, refusing to refer the proposed questions.

He said they are not serious and complex to justify their referral to the Supreme Court, but are based on allegations of illegal practice outlined in the petition.

Motions on election matters withdrawn

The first was filed on July 8 by a candidate in the Southern Highlands regional seat, Sylvester Harry Komba, against Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato.

The matter was filed in relation to counting of certain disputed ballot boxes from the Nipa-Kutubu area.

Komba’s lawyer appeared before Justice Collin Makail today and said he will no longer be asking the court for interim orders but wait for the substantive matter, which is related to the issue of polling on Sunday.

Sir Julius thanks his son Byron acknowledging newly elected Member

The incumbent New Ireland Governor saiid “The Namatanai have lost a humble representative, a man with a heart and love for his people – a true friend of all New Irelanders and Papua New Guinea will lose an honest Minister.

“But I have gained a son and I am very proud of his dedication to duty and loyalty to the Government”.

He acknowledged the newly elected MP, Walter Schnaubelt and reiterated his often plea for true Leadership and Cooperation – what he says is the foundation of the peoples future in New Ireland.


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VIDEO: Simberi MOA update

He said the issue was that the MRA has not included some of the provincial government's discussions and outcomes in the submission that was made to the National Executive Council.


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Nominations close in PPP’s stronghold province

Micah will be running against 22 other candidates to retain his seat, this includes three female candidates.

His nomination was witnessed by the founder of People Progress Party, Sir Julius Chan, New Ireland Governor and fellow PPP member, Namatanai MP Byron Chan who filed his nominations last Friday (April 21).

New Ireland Election Manager Glenson Laena told Loop PNG from Kavieng that Ron Meli was the last candidate who filed his nomination this afternoon to contest the Kavieng Open seat.

Ramu LOs will get royalties, assures Chan

Chan made the assurance in Parliament on Friday when asked by Usino-Bundi MP, Anton Yagama.

Yagama said since the project began, tons in mineral exports have left their shores at Basamuk, however, to this date there has been no royalty.

He also queried when the outstanding K10 million would be paid to the landowners.

Chan said the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) and project developers, Metallurgical Company of China (MCC), had recently agreed to pay landowners royalties.

MRA calls for improvement in revised mining agreements

MRA Managing Director Philip Samar made this call when presenting six revised MoAs to the Mining Minister Byron Chan on Monday.

The revised MoAs are for Hidden Valley, Tolukuma, Ok Tedi, Simberi and Sinivit.

The only new mining project MoA is for Woodlark.

Samar said that there is definitely a need to improve on how these MOAs are administered.

“The negotiations, as difficult and challenging as they might be, is actually the easy part.

Mining Minister to deliver six mining project MOAs to Cabinet

These mining project MOAs were the result of negotiations over the last two years.

Chan received the revised MOAs from the Mineral Resources Authority on Monday and commended them for a tremendous effort in delivering these revised MOAs for government.

“This is a tremendous effort by all involved and I am advised that what you have delivered is unprecedented where no previous government has even had an opportunity to deliver even  two  MOAs in any given year – for the MRA to deliver all six over a period of two years is very commendable”