Namatanai Open

Schnaubelt Re-elected

Schnaubelt was officially declared after the 16th exclusion, having polled 16, 454 votes.

His declaration was done at the Stemper hall in Namatanai town at 8pm yesterday.

Finishing second was People’s Progress Party candidate Byron Chan with 12,393 votes and second runner-up, James Seat finished with 3,936 votes.

Schnaubelt was first elected into Parliament in the 2017 National General Election.

New Ireland has declared it’s  MPs for each district and the provincial seat.

Schnaubelt Takes Lead

Thirty-four (34) out of 41 ballot boxes have been counted so far.

As of 10 this morning, the results are as follows.

  1. Walter Schnaubelt (National Alliance Party) - 13, 399 votes
  2. Byron Chan (People’s Progress Party) - 9,305
  3. James Saet (Independent)-3,156
  4. John Merebo(Independent)- 956
  5. Abiuda Samuel (Independent)-642

Schnaubelt Leads After First Count

Schnaubelt is a member of the National Alliance party.

Also after count one, People’s Progress Party candidate Bryron Chan received 139 votes followed by Saet James with 82. Independent female candidate Nakmai Grace collected 82 votes followed by Timothy Amino with 51.

After Count Four of the Namatanai Open Seat, the votes are as follows:

  1. Walter David Schnaubelt  - 919
  2. James Byron Chan - 499
  3. James Yaspot Saet - 240
  4. John Merebo - 169
  5. Grace R. Nakamai - 90

13 Nominate For Namatanai Open

Namatanai Open Returning Officer, Tifi Taylor told this newsroom that the 13 candidates nominated in Namatanai town. Each nominee came with two witnesses.

Sitting MP Walter Schnaubelt running under the National Alliance Party, also nominated, as well as former Namatanai MP Byron Chan, who nominated under the People’s Progress Party. One of the 13 is female candidate, Gerthude Sialir. Mrs Sialir is running as an independent candidate. 

The Returning Officer said as off midday yesterday, no candidate approached the nomination grounds.

VIDEO: Schnaubelt on Sea bed Mining

He was asked about his stance on the issue during TV Wans National Election program last night.


Meredith Kuusa with more 


Sir Julius thanks his son Byron acknowledging newly elected Member

The incumbent New Ireland Governor saiid “The Namatanai have lost a humble representative, a man with a heart and love for his people – a true friend of all New Irelanders and Papua New Guinea will lose an honest Minister.

“But I have gained a son and I am very proud of his dedication to duty and loyalty to the Government”.

He acknowledged the newly elected MP, Walter Schnaubelt and reiterated his often plea for true Leadership and Cooperation – what he says is the foundation of the peoples future in New Ireland.


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First major election casualty

Chan is a member of the People’s Progress Party but maintained ranks with the O’Neill-Dion Government when the party broke ranks to team up with the Opposition. This was during the unsuccessful motion of the Vote of No-Confidence early this year.

The people of Namatanai District in New Ireland Province have spoken through the ballot papers.

Cousin and National Alliance Party President, Walter Schnaubelt, is the new Namatanai member declared midday yesterday after a landslide victory.         

Counting completed: Namatanai Open

The final results of the top three candidates:

COUNTING: Namatanai Open results after Count 22

Namatanai Open update- after count 22

COUNTING: Namatanai Open progressive results - after count 10

Schnaubelt collected 1,976 more votes after the counting of the ballot boxes from the Namatanai LLGs.

After count 7, Schnaubelt was leading with 4659 votes and has now extended his lead by 1,976 votes after count 8, 9 and 10.

Schnaubelt’s progressive total after count 10 is 6635 votes and in second place is incumbent Open Member for Namatanai James Byron Chan on 5189 votes.

Coming in at 3rd place is Leonard Tonggo from Pangu Party on 35 votes, 4th place is Independent candidate Kiapgugu Ignatius Matius on 23 votes followed by Pastor Chan Philip on 17 votes.