election petition case

North-Waghi petition incompetent

Petitioner Mond Palme failed to meet mandatory requirements of the Organic Law when it was filed.

Speaking to the media, MP Fabian Pok said he believed from the start that the petition was malice by disgruntled candidates and thanked the courts.

“Today is a win for the people of North-Waghi. In my last term I provided a lot of service and I intend to do that. My door is open for the candidates to come forward and we discuss the way forward,” Pok said.

The petition was filed on September 1 after Pok’s declaration on 25 July.

Court refuses Chan’s application

Petitioner Byron Chan last week asked the court to refer seven questions to the Supreme Court surrounding the alleged illegal use of the aeroplane fold or ‘balus fold’ that was used by Schnaubelt’s supporters during polling.

Today, Justice Collin Makail gave his ruling on the application, refusing to refer the proposed questions.

He said they are not serious and complex to justify their referral to the Supreme Court, but are based on allegations of illegal practice outlined in the petition.