Ramu Nickel Project

Over K14 million Royalty Payout

The landowner groups who benefited from this payout include; Kurumbukari K8.3m , Inland Pipeline, Coastal Pipeline LO’s K2 million each Basamuk LO’s received K3m respectively.

The recent royalty payment to the landowners of the project’s impact areas of the Ramu Nickel Project is the sixth payment made by the Company since production began in 2013, and paid to 190 accounts belonging to clans within the four project impact areas.

LOs trained to be business-minded

The landowners, from Kurumbukari, Inland Pipeline (Maigari), Coastal Pipeline and Basamuk, recently attended a personal viability workshop conducted by the Human Development Institute from March 13-15.

Founder and CEO of Human Development Institute (personal viability program), Samuel Tam Su, popularly known as “Papa Sam”, presented very basic and important principles on how to grow and develop an individual to be business minded.

Ramu LOs will get royalties, assures Chan

Chan made the assurance in Parliament on Friday when asked by Usino-Bundi MP, Anton Yagama.

Yagama said since the project began, tons in mineral exports have left their shores at Basamuk, however, to this date there has been no royalty.

He also queried when the outstanding K10 million would be paid to the landowners.

Chan said the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) and project developers, Metallurgical Company of China (MCC), had recently agreed to pay landowners royalties.

Ramu Nickel Project resumes operation

President of Ramu NiCo Management MCC, Wang Jicheng, in making the announcement clarified that the Mines Inspectorate of MRA conducted a site verification of rectification in late June and issued the developer the conditional permission to resume HPAL (high pressure acid leach) train 1 and train 2.

Wang said the Kurumbukari Mine and Basamuk Refinery followed the operating procedure to restart the process and utility.

Ramu Nickel operations suspended

Highlands Pacific Ltd in a notice to the Australia Securities Exchange and Port Moresby Stock Exchange said: “Operations at the Ramu Nickel process plant near Madang in PNG will be suspended for the duration of an investigation into the recent fatality of a plant worker.

“The length of the investigation, being conducted by the PNG Mineral Resources Authority and the Mines Inspectorate, remains uncertain.”

Highlands holds an 8.56% interest in the Ramu joint venture, which is majority owned and operated by Chinese group Metallurgical Corporation of China Ltd (MCC).

Ramu NiCo presents half a million to local foundation

The funding is fulfilling the Ramu NiCo Project Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) as a one-off seed capital to establish, operate and manage the foundation.

Madang Provincial Government established the foundation for the purpose of implementing projects funded by Madang Provincial Government and from the benefits derived from the mine such and the Special Support Grant (SSG) and Tax Credit Scheme (TCS).