Chan seeks review of petition dismissal

Petitioner in the Namatanai Open seat, Byron Chan, is intending to seek leave of the Supreme Court to review the dismissal of his petition by the National Court on March 13.

However, his lawyers are yet to receive a written ruling from the trial judge, who decided on the petition in order to file the application for leave.

Chan’s lawyers told the Supreme Court yesterday (April 13) they are yet to receive the written ruling outlining the reasons for the dismissal.

They intend to seek leave of the court to review the dismissal but require the written ruling.

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia, sitting as single Supreme Court judge, extended the time for Chan to move his application to April 27.

The Court Reporting Service has been directed to produce transcript of the petition hearing on March 12 and 13 upon payment of the corporate transcript fee by Chan’s lawyers.

The Court of Disputed Returns dismissed Chan’s petition for being incompetent.

The pleadings in the petition did not comply with section 208 of the Organic Law on the National and Local Level Government Elections.

Walter Schnaubelt’s election was disputed over the use of the ‘balus fold vote’.

Sally Pokiton