2017 National Elections

Malabag confident of return

The musicians were invited by incumbent MP for Moresby Northwest Michael Malabag.

Despite the scorching Port Moresby heat, villagers as a sign of support took to the dancing floor.

Contesting under the People’s National Congress Party, Malabag is confident to retain his seat.

He said he had delivered and it was up to the people to return him or not.

"It's the people who will decide which leader they will want to represent them in Parliament” he said

 Malabag also urged the people to vote wisely when choosing their leader.

Polye denied inciting violence

Polye's denial surfaced, following Finance Minister and Tari-Pori MP, James Marape who alleged that the former minister incited violence.

"I do not incite violence. Had I done so, why would our people of Eastern Highlands have disrupted a PNC party-sponsored rally in Goroka town? Polye questioned.

"There has been an outright public resentment across the country. As such, our people of Hela have rejected Marape and PNC.

“If they have removed and burnt red shirts and caps, issued by PNC party that is it. People have spoken.”

Sagothorns hits to promote safe election message

The band will be led by front man and Morobe based Willie Sebas.

The Lae Police Command will host the Election Awareness.        

Papua New Guinea heads into the last week of the long tiring eight weeks of campaign period, and the final week is expected to be blazing with noise.

Polling for the 2017 National Elections will start on Saturday 24 June, a day after completion of the campaign period.  

Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr said police will carry out awareness during the event to educate the voters.

​B’ville’s very own political party!

It will forever be remembered as the island’s first ever party in Papua New Guinea’s political arena, since independence in 1975.

It hopes to be the vehicle to drive the people of Bougainville to their political destiny – referendum and independence.

One of the party founders, Newton Kauba, who is with the south Bougainville election team, said the Party is funded by their business arm.

Enga yet to confirm ballot boxes

The province received one container last week containing 316 ballot boxes out of the total 1,156 boxes.

Enga election manager Anton Iamau said two more containers arrived yesterday in the province and they are now counting the total number of ballot boxes they contain.

Iamau said the highlands region requires metal ballot boxes to be used for polling.

However, from the two containers they received yesterday, one contains metal ballot boxes while the other contains clear ballot boxes.

Election manager: Manus campaign quiet

Manus Election Manager Sponsa Navi told Loop PNG today that awareness materials arrived last week and have been sent out to the Local Level Governments.   

“We have already sent down materials to our officers in the LLGs for awareness,” he said.

Navi has also gone on air on the provincial NBC radio station to do awareness on the Limited Preferential Voting (LPV) system.

“Yes we are on target and the ballot papers are now here in Lorengau,” Navi stated.

​‘Bikpla pisin’ aims to prosper province

“My personal success in agriculture and tourism has left me eager to help fellow Papua New Guineans increase their earning capacity from agriculture through improved productivity, marketing and value adding opportunities,” Bird said.

The candidate, when mandated after the June polls, will have to deal with the sensitive issue of Frieda Mine.

​PM visits Manus

Pomat is contesting the Manus Open seat while Benjamin is running to retain his seat as Manus governor.

The Prime Minister was received at Momote airport by Governor Benjamin, Manus Provincial Administrator Andrew Posong, PPC Manus Chief Inspector David Yapu and other senior officers of Manus Provincial Administration, Heads of National Government Agencies, Provincial Executive members and other Community Leaders.  

PPC Yapu said the joint Security Forces provided a full escort for PM O’Neill to the NBC beach at Lorengau town.

​Elections under threat of manipulation: Official

Polling for the 2017 National General Elections is only a couple of weeks away but the Electoral Commission is ill prepared for this crucial event, claims the general secretary of People’s Movement for Change Party, Roderick Kanama.

Kanama said he requested for Oro Province’s Electoral Roll as well as the list of locations for the polling booths in the province but was informed that it is still with the Government Printing Office (GPO) for printing and gazettal.

He said he then checked with GPO and was advised that GPO had already submitted its quotation.

Quick Response Unit to aid Sandaun

Provincial Police Commander, Robert Gesa said the 16 member unit will help to secure the border province at the latter part of the 2017 National Election.

PPC Gesa said it’s a directive from the Police Commissioner because of the international border with Indonesia.

The unit will be brought into the province from Port Moresby.

Meanwhile, the PPC has sent a request to the Police Commissioner to approve the engagement of 60 auxiliary police personnel to support police election operations in the province.