Enga yet to confirm ballot boxes

Electoral officers in Enga Province are yet to confirm the total number of ballot boxes that have arrived in the province.

The province received one container last week containing 316 ballot boxes out of the total 1,156 boxes.

Enga election manager Anton Iamau said two more containers arrived yesterday in the province and they are now counting the total number of ballot boxes they contain.

Iamau said the highlands region requires metal ballot boxes to be used for polling.

However, from the two containers they received yesterday, one contains metal ballot boxes while the other contains clear ballot boxes.

Iamau clarified that they will count the metal boxes and if the number is less than they will have to request for another container of metal ballot boxes.

He said the clear plastic ballot boxes in the third container will be used during counting.

“We need about 800 more ballot boxes and we will confirm the total number we received so far by this week,” Iamau said.

He added that the campaign period is going well so far throughout the province.