2017 National Elections

Commissioner satisfied with Tari’s progress

After speaking with the Hela Provincial Police Commander, Luke Wally, Gari Baki said: "I am indeed very satisfied with the outcome of this election period and I hope this continues throughout the polling period as well.”

Commissioner Baki said despite public perception, Hela has been relatively quiet, apart from the one or two incidents in recent weeks.

The elections needed to be taken seriously, stated the commissioner.

“Everyone must make sure that it is delivered successfully in their respective regions.”

​Candidate clears air on Party

Firstly, S.O.M stands for System Organisation and Money, which consists of a team that aims to serve and unite the people to build a great nation.

“The good thing about SOM party is unity; it has united us all ex-combatants, the former BRA Resistance Me’ekamui and even U-Vistract,” Potoura said.

“It is a Bougainvillean-owned party.

“Other political parties, especially the PNG ones, do not allow candidates to talk about the Bougainville issue of referendum and independence,” claims the SOM endorsed candidate.

​Election committee to meet with provincial officials

As a result, a meeting has been organised for the members of the Inter-Departmental Election Committee (IDEC), heads of the three disciplinary forces, the chief secretary and the Electoral Commissioner. They will meet with the electoral officials and Provincial Police Commanders of each of the provinces in the region.

The idea is to move within the provinces and have a one-on-one discussion with officials about their responsibilities.

Police Commissioner Gari Baki said this is make sure the election process is followed diligently.

All polling materials delivered!

“All sensitive election materials are now in the provinces and being sorted out for distribution to each electorate, LLG and ward in preparation for polling,” says Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato.  

These include ballot papers, candidate posters, polling schedules, CUG mobile phones for polling teams, indelible inks and electoral rolls.

Non-sensitive election materials such as polling kits, voting compartments, seals and stationery were sent via shipping to all provinces earlier.

Tkatchenko: Too many lies against me

The current Moresby South MP said rival candidates from a particular province are attacking him personally, and also spreading lies when campaigning in the electorate.

Tkatchenko challenged rival candidates to campaign on their policies and let the people select their candidate preferences.    

He said he has never experienced these derogatory remarks against him in the previous two elections he contested.      

Meanwhile, Tkatchenko clarified that he has not had police escort during his campaign rallies in the last seven weeks.    

Lone woman contests ENB provincial seat

Independent candidate Lanieth AUA will be challenging sitting Member for Gazelle and Deputy Prime Minister, Sir Leo Dion, along with 17 other candidates.

Kokopo Open MP Ereman ToBaining Jnr currently occupies the Governor seat.

Below is a list of candidates for the ENB provincial seat, provided by the PNG Electoral Commission:

10 William Rave KOIATUNA

17 Nelson KIENE (Melanesian Liberal Party)

​Journo allegedly harassed at political rally

Jacob Marcos, a journalist with the Department of Health, was forced to hand over his belongings at Pari Village in the National Capital District.

Marcos, a resident at the Doru area in Pari, was capturing the rally of incumbent MP for Moresby South, Justin Tkatchenko, when he was approached by a group.

“The group of men, including a policeman (full name withheld) demanded explanation of why I was recording the event,” Marcos said.

Drunkards behind PNC rally disruption: PPC

Eastern Highlands Provincial Police Commander, Alex N’Drasal, confirmed that the incident was caused by a minority of people, who were chased by those attending the rally.

A stone throwing fight soon broke out but police intervened.

Prime Minister and PNC Party leader, Peter O’Neill, was on ground to show support for his PNC party candidates in EHP on Tuesday.  

O’Neill told Loop PNG that disturbance was caused by a few people under the influence of alcohol.

“People sat down and listened for over 45 minutes of my speech,” said the PM.

Governor slams deteriorating health rumours

In a statement, Governor Haoda says opposing candidates and supporters have ignited such hearsay on social media.

However, he assures the people that he is adamant to retain his seat to further enhance his policies on advanced education, improved health and upgrading all service delivery mechanisms.

“Your stamp is my stamp and together we will lead our province positively through the key areas I have already embarked on to improve our province.”

Centralised polling for NCD

“This will be done for the first time in this election so that voters can easily find their place to vote,” Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato said.

He said the new approach in conducting elections is voter friendly. 

“Additional benefits to centralized polling places are more concentrated security forces, more efficient delivery and retrieval of electoral materials, and more effective appointment of temporary election workers to local polling places,” Gamato said.