Polye denied inciting violence

Opposition Leader Don Pomb Polye has denied inciting any form of violence in Hela province last Friday.

Polye's denial surfaced, following Finance Minister and Tari-Pori MP, James Marape who alleged that the former minister incited violence.

"I do not incite violence. Had I done so, why would our people of Eastern Highlands have disrupted a PNC party-sponsored rally in Goroka town? Polye questioned.

"There has been an outright public resentment across the country. As such, our people of Hela have rejected Marape and PNC.

“If they have removed and burnt red shirts and caps, issued by PNC party that is it. People have spoken.”

The Opposition leader said politics is nothing personal.

"I must remind Marape, that I have not destroyed our relationship.

“What I have destroyed is his relationship with corruption. He has to make a choice whether to join me or not,” Polye said.

Meanwhile, Marape in a statement said the Opposition Leader action is unacceptable.

“Instead of trying to appeal to the intelligence of the Hela people and speak of what he as a senior leader of country has achieved, he did nothing but lower the level of political discourse in Hela and introduced violence into an otherwise peaceful campaign period,” Marape said.

In a video posted on the Opposition Facebook page, Polye was seen asking the public in the rally to remove the red PNC Party printed t-shirts and caps, claiming the party is a bad party and have destroyed the country’s economy.   

Charles Yapumi