​Elections under threat of manipulation: Official

​Concerns about elections being under serious threat of manipulation and corruption have been aired recently.

Polling for the 2017 National General Elections is only a couple of weeks away but the Electoral Commission is ill prepared for this crucial event, claims the general secretary of People’s Movement for Change Party, Roderick Kanama.

Kanama said he requested for Oro Province’s Electoral Roll as well as the list of locations for the polling booths in the province but was informed that it is still with the Government Printing Office (GPO) for printing and gazettal.

He said he then checked with GPO and was advised that GPO had already submitted its quotation.

Kanama is questioning where the printing is taking place.

“With widespread corruption in every election, the last thing we need is an ill prepared and an ineffective Electoral Commission,” said the general secretary.

Annette Kora