MP Amaiu supports Boroko Market Boys Association

This was initiated and organised by the Youths of Boroko Market and supported by the surrounding youths  and their families of Central Boroko, Boroko East,  Four-Mile, Three-Mile, Korobosea and Manu Autoport to launch the Boroko Market Boys Association.

 Apex Park came alive with music and dance as the youths came together in excitement to witness and mark this small but significant launching.

 Boroko Market Boys Association was established to cater for the unfortunate youths who have never been given any opportunity but a life of poverty, crime and neglect.

Underground with Koven: Notorious Adelaide graffiti artist inspired by the 'nanny state'

The illusive artist who goes by the name Koven has been writing his tag on structures and walls around the city since the mid 2000s.

He is perhaps one of the city's most recognised writers due to some audacious roll-ups (graffiti painted up high on buildings, often with rollers).

In more recent years, however, his tag has appeared in small stickers placed on street lights, stobie polls, poster walls and pubs.

Havora encourages NCD youths

It can be through representing the country as Miss PNG or as a youth participating in hosting the FIFA Under 20 Women’s World Cup in the country, next month. 

Picture inspires young woman to make a difference

One in particular that has touched the heart of Getta Kambar is of a young girl no older than 10 years.

In the picture, the girl from Okapa in Eastern Highlands Province, is wearing a pink loose sweater, shorter than the grey top underneath, also a little loose on her.

With uncombed afro hair and bare feet, she stands slightly bending to the left to balance the weight of the white bag she has over her right shoulder.

Aware of the camera, she smiles confidently and looks directly into the lens.

Teenage artist blends bark paintings with superheros

Working on these painted superhero masks is 16-year-old Ray Mudjandi.

"I make Ikon Bininj," Ray said.

Bininj is the Kunwinjku word for man in Ray's community of Jabiru, a slowing mining town set amidst a World Heritage-listed park with cave paintings more than 20,000 years old.

Ray is from the Western Arrernte clan and has loved cartoons, video games, Marvel comics, and characters like Superman since childhood.

Police arrest youths for drugs and homebrew

The 17-year-old was spotted by a police unit outside the Boroko NasFund office area this morning.

The teen will be questioned at the station.

Meantime, another youth, aged 16, was also caught around the Yakapilin secondhand area this morning.

The youth, from Tari, was allegedly under the influence of homebrew and was harassing vendors at the market area.

Both youths are at the Hohola station. 


Police nab youths selling drugs

Mark Yape and Tom Ipe aged 16 and 17 were arrested with about 10 kg worth of marijuana near the car wash area.

The two were intercepted by police who have been monitoring the drains outside of the Kone Tigers oval area.

The area has been under surveillance after tip-offs that there illegal drug sales were being carried out there.

Police picked them up with prepacked drugs around 10am this morning.

The two are now at the Boroko juvenile cells waiting to be charged.