MP Amaiu supports Boroko Market Boys Association

​Empowerment of youths in the Moresby North East’s Ward 5 have come to reality when a ceremony was held at the Apex Park located at Boroko suburb recently.

This was initiated and organised by the Youths of Boroko Market and supported by the surrounding youths  and their families of Central Boroko, Boroko East,  Four-Mile, Three-Mile, Korobosea and Manu Autoport to launch the Boroko Market Boys Association.

 Apex Park came alive with music and dance as the youths came together in excitement to witness and mark this small but significant launching.

 Boroko Market Boys Association was established to cater for the unfortunate youths who have never been given any opportunity but a life of poverty, crime and neglect.

This association is a step forward to drive and empower youths and women of Boroko who mainly come from the surrounding settlements.

Moresby North East ward 5 is a multi-cultural society made up of people from all four regions of PNG. The launching will now innovate and regulate change to the youths who have too long been deprived the right to participate in SME programs and also contribute productively in their respective communities.

The ceremony was attended by their Member for Moresby North East Labi Amaiu, United Church of Boroko members, Boroko Women groups and more than 100 youths.

Boroko Market Boys Association chairman Robert Kimai, thanked Labi Amaiu for his support in attending and accepting their request for been the Patron to this association,  

Labi said: “Boroko Market Boys Association will be a “vehicle” to drive their interest by collaborating with National Capital District Commission (NCDC) youths programs and also can now be given the opportunity to approach other public and private office and aiding agencies for SME programs where youths of Boroko can benefit through their involvement with this association. He said this association will be the official caretakers of the Boroko Market when it opens in the new year.”

Amaiu, under the leadership of its Joint District Planning & Budget Priority Committee (JDP & BPC) as part of their plan 2013/2017 for empowering youths and women in this electorate; supported the association with two three tonne dump trucks and presented a cheque of K30,000 as seed capital to the association chairman Robert Kimai.

The MP said the launching will give hope to youths for a better life and also the opportunity to enhance their education and life skills.

Kimai said: “This association created and established by the youths will now give opportunity for youths to recalibrate and be involved with the ever changing economic and life style of Port Moresby city as they have too long been neglected by the system.”


Picture: Moresby North East Member Labi Amaiu officially launches the association by cutting the ribbon with Chairman Robert Kimai and the youths of Boroko.

Words and picture supplied by Celine Wollom













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