Labi Amaiu

Sufficient evidence found against former MP

The ruling was handed down this morning and the case adjourned to give Amaiu and his lawyer time to respond.

The former MP is facing seven counts of defraud and seven counts for misappropriation. 

He is facing allegations he conspired with others at the National Housing Corporation and  Department of Lands and Physical Planning, to transfer 301 titles to PNG Resource Corporation Ltd.

It is also alleged he misappropriated portion 528 of Durand Farm, the government’s housing estate.

Contracts valued at K80,000 per allotment, totaling over K24 million.

Former MP appears in court

His case is now undergoing the Committal Court process at the District Court.

Amaiu was charged with seven counts of conspiracy to defraud and seven counts for misappropriation.

The former Moresby North-East MP is facing allegations he conspired with others at the Department of Lands and Physical Planning, to obtain 64 allotments at the Durand Farm valued at over K5 million.

It is alleged he transferred the titles from the National Housing Corporation to a company called PNG Resource Corporation.

Misappropriation claims directed at Kaupa

Former MP Labi Amaiu claimed that Kaupa allegedly used the funds to pay for cleaning services and family vehicles.

Amaiu added that the Amaiu Haus was his own initiative and they have been seeking funds to build it.

However, he claimed that Kaupa had allegedly used up the funds for his own benefits.

Loop PNG is aware, from reliable sources, of payments being made to various entities, mostly for cleaning services.

As per a bank statement, only K5 million is left in the Moresby North-East District Operating Account from the initial K10.9 million.

Court: Amaiu’s petition not filed late

Kaupa filed an application on Oct 18 seeking dismissal of the entire proceeding, claiming the petition was filed one day late.

Today the National Court refused that application, allowing the petition to stay alive because it was filed on time.

To file an election petition, it must be done within 40 days after the declaration date.

Kaupa was declared on July 28. Amaiu filed the petition on 6 September.

Justice Collin Makail, in giving his ruling on the motion, said the petition was filed within the 40-day period after the declaration date.

Kaupa alleges petition filed late

His lawyer, John Napu, filed an application on Oct 18 seeking dismissal of the entire proceeding, claiming it was filed one day late.

Kaupa was declared on July 28.

To file an election petition, it must be done within 40 days from the declaration date. That 40-day period, according to Kaupa, ended on September 5.

Amaiu filed the petition on 6 September.

Turi to still carry on election duties

The Waigani National Court on Wednesday afternoon refused an urgent application that was filed by incumbent Moresby North-East MP, Labi Amaiu, seeking to restrain him from “interfering with the conduct of electoral officials”.

Amaiu’s lawyer filed an urgent application on July 4, on allegations that Turi had made comments in relation to the conducting of elections during polling day on June 30 at Bush wara settlement at 9 mile and Unagi oval at Gordons.

He also alleged that Turi made comments against NCD regional candidate, Andy Bawa outside the Rita Flynn courts.  

VIDEO: Amaiu not arrested

Amaiu says he was never arrested and never hijacked eight ballot boxes, which led to the deferral of NCD polling.
He is now calling on NCD/Central Police Commander Sylvester Kalaut to disclose those ballot boxes and deal with those election officers involved. 


Sophie Yaruso reports 

Amaiu nominates to retain Moresby North East seat

Amaiu is contesting under the Peoples National Congress Party and was the 29th candidate to nominate for the Moresby North East seat.

Amaiu said after his nomination that he is confident to retain the seat and has performed in the last four years.

“Actions speak louder than words and we have very good contenders for the seat.

“I am very confident because I have worked very hard in the last four years to maintain the people’s confidence.

“I have given water to communities and empowered them through their associations.

MP Amaiu supports Boroko Market Boys Association

This was initiated and organised by the Youths of Boroko Market and supported by the surrounding youths  and their families of Central Boroko, Boroko East,  Four-Mile, Three-Mile, Korobosea and Manu Autoport to launch the Boroko Market Boys Association.

 Apex Park came alive with music and dance as the youths came together in excitement to witness and mark this small but significant launching.

 Boroko Market Boys Association was established to cater for the unfortunate youths who have never been given any opportunity but a life of poverty, crime and neglect.

Amaiu commits 20, 000 for next 3 years for 7s Cup

Speaking at the finals last night of the inaugural Amiau 7s Cup, Amaiu said he wanted to see the sport of rugby union develop and get back to its glory days.

He congratulated all men’s and women’s teams for their efforts over the 2 day tournament on the weekend.

Amaiu also committed a further 100,000 kina for next year with the focus for the Capital Rugby Union (CRU) to get more youths involved in the sport to grow the game.

“I want to help rebuild this code and for the lost pride to be retained,” said Amaiu.