Picture inspires young woman to make a difference

A picture speaks a thousand words!

One in particular that has touched the heart of Getta Kambar is of a young girl no older than 10 years.

In the picture, the girl from Okapa in Eastern Highlands Province, is wearing a pink loose sweater, shorter than the grey top underneath, also a little loose on her.

With uncombed afro hair and bare feet, she stands slightly bending to the left to balance the weight of the white bag she has over her right shoulder.

Aware of the camera, she smiles confidently and looks directly into the lens.

This picture, while beautiful given the natural backdrop of green vegetation and a few Kunai thatched houses, also gives a heart-breaking reality.

Getta says there are more children in the area, who are growing coffee in the gardens instead of attending school, like other children of their age.

Lack of development and services is the main reason and Getta, also from Okapa but raised in the city, wants to see an equal distribution of services to those in rural PNG.

She is a participant of the Mike Manning Youth Democracy Camp which will be ending today.

“The sad thing is these children miss out on their rights, they have to go through such hardship at a very early age, not by choice but because there is no other option,” she tells Loop PNG between tears, referring to the picture.

Getta, grade 9 at Kopkop College in Port Moresby has taken on a personal responsibility as an educated youth to make a difference.

The one week camp has allowed her to meet with other like-minded youths, share the ideas, learn good values and become better active citizens.

Picture by Albert Kambar

Gloria Bauai