Workers Union

Dialogue with workers union vital, says Sawang

Minister for Labour and Employment and Member for Rai Coast, Kessy Sawang said when expressing her concern regarding recent civil unrest in Port Moresby and other centres of the country.

The Minister is calling for an honest dialogue between responsible government agencies, trade unions, employers, civil society, and other key stakeholders and even across the political divide to address the deep-rooted causes of the civil unrest.

PNGTUC calls for fair treatment

In a joint media conference today, Secretary General, Clemence Kanau and other union presidents, claimed that public sector workers are well looked after by the Government.

The Workers Union representatives met today to air their concerns about the ill treatment received by workers in the private sector.

Trade Union Congress Secretary General, Clemence Kanau said the government is being unfair to workers in the private sector.

Unions to hold forum

President of the PNG Communication Workers Union Jack Boari tells Loop PNG that in a union coalition meeting yesterday, they moved to hold forums until they are addressed by the Prime Minister over many of their outstanding claims.

Boari says they will not be moved and that the unions in the coalition, namely the energy workers, maritime and transport, Air Nuigini employees and bankers unions are all on board with the idea.