Dialogue with workers union vital, says Sawang

The Department of Labour and Industrial Relations has been urged to engage with unions to ensure that a responsible approach to industrial disputes are compiled with.

Minister for Labour and Employment and Member for Rai Coast, Kessy Sawang said when expressing her concern regarding recent civil unrest in Port Moresby and other centres of the country.

The Minister is calling for an honest dialogue between responsible government agencies, trade unions, employers, civil society, and other key stakeholders and even across the political divide to address the deep-rooted causes of the civil unrest.

These also include labour issues and a lack of unemployment opportunities for people, but they also lack deficiencies in essential services of healthcare and education and access to quality affordable economic infrastructure such as power, water, and sanitation.

“I acknowledge our people who have lawful concerns that demand the Government’s attention but must not be expressed with unlawful acts that lead to the destruction of properties and deaths. These painful experiences cause us to bring real profound change. The healing process must also involve accountability in leadership in administration and personal responsibility as we are a Christian nation and need to practice good ethics,” Minister Sawang said.

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