Gaming industry affected

The policy designed to address, control and prevent the spread of infectious diseases specially COVID-19 pandemic in gaming sites throughout Papua New Guinea.  

The Gaming Industry in the country has been hit hard by the novel coronavirus.

The Industry has been shut down in compliance with the National Government’s declaration for the State of Emergency.

The Gaming Industry is a Government sanctioned entertainment industry regulated by the National Gaming Control Board under the Gaming Control Act 2007.

Bad policing creates conflicts: Researcher

Dr Elizabeth Kopel, a Senior Research Fellow and Program Leader with the Informal Economy Research Program, at the  PNG National Research Institute made this remarks on her research paper released recently.

Dr Elizabeth Kopel, a senior researcher at the National Research Institute says there have been ongoing complaints on mainstream and social media that police in some areas are not permitting transportation of fresh food and other goods, confiscate or destroy produce, or at times collect fees for allowing access through check points.

BPNG to assist financial institutions

He explained that BPNG will be working with financial institutions to assist those affected.

Bakani said loss of jobs means a loss of income and the Bank of PNG is working with financial institutions to help those affected.

One of the measures the Central Bank took was reduce the Policy interest rate, by 2 per cent. This led to banks reducing their base lending rates and associated rates and fees for products and services they offer, to allow customers to borrow at lower rates during this crisis period.

Another measure BPNG took was injecting liquidity with banks.

PNGTUC calls for fair treatment

In a joint media conference today, Secretary General, Clemence Kanau and other union presidents, claimed that public sector workers are well looked after by the Government.

The Workers Union representatives met today to air their concerns about the ill treatment received by workers in the private sector.

Trade Union Congress Secretary General, Clemence Kanau said the government is being unfair to workers in the private sector.

Air Niugini wins best SOE employer award

Chairman Sir Frederick Reiher, has congratulated the airline’s management, employees and unions for their hard work in securing the award.

The award was presented by the PNG Human Resource Institute at its national conference in Port Moresby last Tuesday, May 17, 2016.

Sir Frederick also congratulated Air Niugini's HR General Manager, Rei Logona, on being named the best individual HR Practitioner for 2015.