UPNG council

No increase in UPNG fees: Interim council

This follows the suspension of the UPNG Council and the appointment of an interim one.

During the interim council’s special meeting today, the council resolved to rescind the earlier decision to increase tuition and boarding and lodging fees.

“There’ll be no increase in the school fees for 2019,” stated UPNG Interim Council Chancellor, Jeffrey Kennedy.

“If there’s any need for revenue raising, the new acting vice-chancellor will advise the council and we may resort to alternative revenue raising measures.”

UPNG Council refuses to back down

The Council refused to meet with the graduating students today. Instead, the head of Uniforce security, Matthew Kipott, was advised to relay their message to the waiting students.

“The decision of K600 still stands. The Council has made the decision and no meeting will change that,” Kipott told the students this afternoon.

“The graduation date of July 28 also remains.”

The students were further informed that their outstanding payments will be reimbursed.

This was the response to points raised in their petition yesterday.

UPNG students urged to return to classes

The students have not been attending classes for up to six weeks now after they first boycotted classes on May 2.

Classes were then suspended for an indefinite period by the university council on May 20.

The suspension lasted for 10 days and students were asked to return to classes to continue semester one on June 13, which was a public holiday.

This was so classes would kick off on Tuesday, June 14, while the medical students were told to commence classes on June 6.

UPNG suspension of classes lifted

The decision was announced today by the university council following 10 days of suspension.

The continuation of semester one will take place on June 13, which is a public holiday. This is so classes will kick off on Tuesday, June 14, while the medical students will commence classes on June 6.

UPNG acting chancellor Dr Nicholas Mann said the suspension has given the council ample time to reorganise the academic calendar and also for the students to think things through.

The 2016 academic calendar is now extended by another three weeks past schedule.