Jeffrey Kennedy

UPNG interim council unaware of Griffin’s appointment

“This is new information for the Interim Council and the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology,” Kennedy said in UPNG circular no. 646.

“I, as the Chancellor, only became aware of an alleged contract when I came across one being circulated in the social media! Whether it is genuine or backdated is anyone’s guess because the Interim Council has no copy of such an employment contract!

No increase in UPNG fees: Interim council

This follows the suspension of the UPNG Council and the appointment of an interim one.

During the interim council’s special meeting today, the council resolved to rescind the earlier decision to increase tuition and boarding and lodging fees.

“There’ll be no increase in the school fees for 2019,” stated UPNG Interim Council Chancellor, Jeffrey Kennedy.

“If there’s any need for revenue raising, the new acting vice-chancellor will advise the council and we may resort to alternative revenue raising measures.”