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PM directs full probe into Unitech student killing

The late Graham Romanong was brutally murdered in June while he lay asleep in his room at the Unitech campus.

 In doing so, O’Neill issued a prime ministerial directive for Police Commissioner Gari Baki’s personal commitment to fully investigate, arrest and prosecute all persons involved in planning, financing and eventual  killing of the late young Graham in his room at Unitech, Lae on June 25 2016.

Lupari in talks with UPNG to save 2016 academic year

The meeting was basically to discuss two issues:

(a)     The rationale of their decision,

(b)     How the 2016 academic can be salvaged.

Lupari  who met with UPNG officials on Wednesday July 6, said: “From the outset I made it absolutely clear that the Government’s position has not changed.

“The Government wants to see the continuation of the 2016 Academic year and it is prepared to supply the necessary financial resources that are required for this.

Students appeal to provincial leaders to assist their ‘friends’

Fire  burnt down  the SRC president's residence, DODL and ATCDI buildings and the mess and a student was killed during the arson on Saturday night.

All students were asked to vacate the Unitech campus as the mess was burnt down.

The 72 Central students were privileged to return home safety today with their air fares fully sponsored by the Central Provincial Government.

Student representative Norman Bogana said they were grateful to return home but they’re sad to leave their fellow students behind.

Security Council meet makes recommendations

The Chief Secretary to Government,  Isaac B. Lupari  said the National Security Advisory Council (NSAC)  which met today resolved to make a series of recommendations to the National Executive Council (NEC) in relation to recent incidents on national university campuses.

“The NSAC has condemned the killing of an innocent student and the destruction of property as acts of barbarity by mindless individuals,” the Chief Secretary said following the NSAC meeting.

Central students attending Unitech to be repatriated

The 70 students will return home while issues are being sorted following the killing of a student and  arson that happened on campus at the weekend.

The first batch of 30 students will arrive in the morning and will be met by the Central Governor Kila Haoda and Central Provincial Administrator Gei Guni Raga.

The rest of the students will arrive later on during the day.

Their tickets have been issued directly by the Governor and the provincial government as the safety of students is paramount.

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Student protest now law and order issue

The student protest at the University of Papua New Guinea is now a law and order issue.

Investigation to determine SOE at universities

Polye calls on O’Neill to step down amid universities’ crises

Buildings and facilities are being burnt down following the continuous boycott by students at both the University of Papua New Guinea in Moresby and the PNG University of Technology in Lae.

At Unitech, a male student passed away as a result of wounds sustained from an apparent targeted attack by a group of men armed with bush knives in the male dormitories last night.

At around 1am, fire was set to the SRC president's residence, DODL and ATCDI buildings, and finally the mess. These buildings suffered substantial damage from the fire.

Police Minister warns of more arrests at UPNG

Today, four individuals were arrested and charged at the UPNG campus.

“The activities of these remaining few are no longer student issues but law and order issues,” Minister Atiyafa said.

“Most students are ready to go back to class, but there are people, mainly non-students, acting under the influence of alcohol, who are breaking the law and obstructing these students.

“This is now a law and order situation and the law will be enforced.

“My message to the students is that you have the law on your side to return to class so do not be intimidated.

UPNG students urged to return to classes

The students have not been attending classes for up to six weeks now after they first boycotted classes on May 2.

Classes were then suspended for an indefinite period by the university council on May 20.

The suspension lasted for 10 days and students were asked to return to classes to continue semester one on June 13, which was a public holiday.

This was so classes would kick off on Tuesday, June 14, while the medical students were told to commence classes on June 6.

UPNG SRC to decide on boycott by end of the week

The university council lifted the indefinite suspension of classes for students to resume semester one on June 13 at the Waigani campus and June 6 at the Taurama campus.

UPNG Student Representative Council president Kenneth Rapa says they’re now waiting for students to return to campus to decide their course of action.

Rapa explained that they will seek the majority of the students’ advice and views and whatever they decide, the SRC is only there to facilitate their interest.