Trash to Treasure Sculpture Festival

Sculpture Festival Educates

This has so far seen three weekends of classic displays of sculpture created from items that would have been discarded, trash.  

Team BSP was on site at the Park over the weekend (18th-19th June), assisting customers to open accounts, and coordinating various children’s activities. 

BSP’s Public Relations and Communications Manager, Lavinia Mul said, “From this activities we’ve got accounting opening, we’ve got kids bouncy castle where kids come to play, coloring competitions here kids get to color and then they redeem some prizes for themselves.”

BSP Backs Trash to Treasure Festival

The festival emphasizes on creating sculptures made of waste tins, cans bottles, rubber and plastics.

 BSP Senior Relationship Manager, Raymond Logona, presented a cheque worth K40,000 to the Port Moresby Nature Park recently to reaffirm its support to the Trash to Treasure sculpture program.

He said BSP is pleased to support the Nature Park that, as it has set the benchmark in PNG for tourism, animal welfare, conservation, research and community nature based education.

Trash to Treasure Sculpture Festival launched

The aim of the festival is to raise awareness on the growing issue of waste, in particular plastic pollution, to encourage the public to rethink their rubbish and how much each of us create.

The event showcases solid waste that has been turned into aesthetically powerful larger than life sculptures to demonstrate the type and amount of trash that is created in Port Moresby and challenge the repurpose of items that would ordinarily be thrown away.