Tatana Island

Tatana BbP and CPL foundation mark 11-year partnership

To mark the occasion, a new 5-year Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Sir Mahesh Patel who represented CPL Foundation, BbP Executive Officer Leanne Resson, and BbP Founder and Chairperson Anne-Sophie Hermann.

Adding to the festive atmosphere, the children adorned themselves as pharmacists and nurses, embracing their roles by dispensing "pretend medication" in the form of jelly beans to their "patients." This creative activity not only sparked their imagination but also fostered a sense of empathy and care.

Swiss envoys visit Buk bilong Pikinini

Yasmine Chatila Zwahlen, Swiss Ambassador to Papua New Guinea, Ambassador to Kiribati, Nauru, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Special Envoy of Switzerland for the Pacific Region has been on an extended visit to PNG for the past couple of weeks, accompanied by her husband Pedro Zwahlen, who is the Swiss Ambassador to Australia.

“All the children enrolled at Buk bilong Pikinini’s LLC on Tatana were excited to shake hands with the Ambassador and thank her for the amazing support we have received over the years,” Buk bilong Pikinini founder, Anne-Sophie Hermann.